Impulsive seasonal purchases

I have more sewing projects on the go at the moment than I care to count.  And on my walk into town for the weekly farmers market I was dreaming up more.  As well as my food shopping I came home with with these…


The flowers are from the market and I loved the autumn colours of dark reds and golds, just the thing to cheer up a grey day. And at this time of year I get the urge to knit, so with so much on the go I shouldn’t have popped into the yarn shop near my favourite coffee shop.  It’s not like I didn’t have any yarn stashed away either.

But I loved the teal, blue/green (or is it green/blue), black and grey mix in this Nordic Spirit Victoria superwash wool, and I have been thinking off wristwarmers for the early morning chill (I made some for a friend last year from an odd ball of wool from a bargin ends bin and then was jealous every time she wore them).

When I got home I was itching to get started straight away. The band says that 15 stitches knits to 10cm on 6mm needles so I decided to go for it without swatching, after all I’m just knitting a rectangle to sew into a tube with a hole for my thumb to poke out and I want to make them rib so there should be some give and take in sizing. Plus I normally knit to pattern tension.

The widest part of my hand measured just over 20cm all round so I decided to cast on 30 stitches.  I’ve had trouble with too tight cast on in the past. I’ve tried using a fatter needle or two needles and casting on with the long tail method but whilst better the cast on has still been a bit top tight.  So I thought I’d try this method.

And that’s when I started having trouble with the yarn.  It’s really loose, not much twist and it broke in half in my hand on the 3rd stitch to cast on. So I restarted, concentrating on not to pulling it too hard, however this method requires lots of tugging tight.  I struggled to get a neat line of fat seals (watch the video) and it broke again 12 stitches in so I just tied it. So one messy cast on with cat for company…


I wondered if this was the wrong cast on method for this yarn. Next I decided to do a twisted rib,, because I just like to complicate things.

So far the knitting is pretty easy, except the yarn still keeps pulling apart in my hand, so I keep tying it up and knitting the ends in as I go. I thought at first I was weakening the yarn by accidently splitting it with the end of the needle when not knitting cleanly, but sometimes you just go to put the yarn over and you only get a couple of inches, the rest is left behind. I have knit looser yarn a litle in the past and never had this problem. It looks nice knitted up but I’m glad I only bought one ball!

Hey, it matches my socks!

Hey, it matches my socks!

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