Dream On

Too much time surfing all the wonderful sewing blogs put in the ether has left me with a ridiculous list of impossible things that I want to make

  • I am in love with Erin from Seamstress Erin’s lined Robson trenchcoat and I have seen some turquoise waterproof fabric, very stylish and practical. I’m sure I could find some nice red fabric to line it with that would look stunning. I got as far as working out where I could buy the sewaholics pattern from here in the UK before realising the pattern envelope says advanced. So, an advanced pattern, in slippy waterproof fabric with additional step of lining. Hmm, maybe not…

I also want to make trousers, not because I’m some kind of masochist, but because I can’t find trousers that fit. Anywhere. Every now and then I try and 2 hours later after trawling every shop I can think of in town, I end up depressed and trouserless, one time I even ended up in tears (note to self, don’t go shopping with PMT). I’m not ready for an elasticated M&S waist yet, in fact I want a proper waistband with fly, pockets and belt loops (a belt is essential as I actually want to be able to put keys in my trouser pockets without them falling down on me). Plus I do want the waistband to sit above my hips, low slung trousers just don’t stay up on me. Also they expose my post 2 kids muffin top, which is just not fair on anyone. And I obviously have some abnormally long crotch depth because if I ever get over that hurdle they invariably give me camel toe. Not a look I’m going for. If a pair of trousers require a mid thigh length top to be decent then I might as well wear the top with leggins.

  • After much frustration searching for blogs about self made trousers I finally realised it might help to call them pants and was pleased to find that sewaholics also have a trouser pattern (Thurlow Trousers) that has some good reviews. They say it sits below the waistline but it doesn’t seem too low slung. This pattern is only intermediate, bonus. Plus I found a helpful looking tutorial on some of the tricky bits on Lauren’s Lladybird site. Hmm, maybe.
  • Then I found these stunning looking wide leg beauties that Dixie from Dixiediy made, with the Colette Juniper Pattern. I can get a paper copy in the UK (thanks for the tip on not downloadung it Dixie) and they are apparently a beginner level pattern. Not aure I quite believe it but it’s encouraging.
  • So, maybe I should try them in reverse order and build up from the Juniper to the Robson? After I’ve finished all my on the go projects of course. And in between my plans to make my husband a tweedy yet not farmery waistcoat for Christmas. Not forgetting my madcap whimsy to make the kids Christmas outfits this year (ha ha). What do you think?

  • P.S. Other helpful looking fly fronted trouser related links I found along the way were…




  • 3 thoughts on “Dream On

    1. Glad you’re crushing on my trench. I love it! I’ve made the Thurlows several times now and can recommend them as a pattern, especially for ladies with a pear shape. The envelope instructions aren’t geared for a beginning seamstress, but you’ll definitely be able to make them if you follow the step-by-steps on Lauren’s blogg.

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