Set Backs

So, my secret bepocketed burgandy project has a deadline of Saturday (6 days time). Well, a good portion of it has to be usable by then.  And I wanted to show progress to some interested parties yesterday.  So, Saturday night I set up a production line and my hubby (who is one of the interested parties) volunteered to assist.

I have never seen him do so much ironing as I tasked him with last night and he didn’t complain, although he did do some of it whilst kneeling to prevent a bad back flare up.

Assistant hard at work

Assistant hard at work

(I probably should have shown him this top tip first but I only just found it (and all of Portia’s other fantastic useful hints that I clearly need to read and take notes on) this morning.)

We got a lot done together but I think I should’ve called a halt sooner because towards the end I sewed a pocket on upside down, miswound a bobbin, and broke my sewing machine. It’s got itself out of sink and the needle is trying to go down when the bobbin casing mechanism is in the way, so it’s a trip to the repair shop job.

Needless to say I’m sulking big time. I have kindly been leant a sewing machine by a friend so that I can finish this job but I haven’t tried it yet, partly due to sulking and partly due to having sewed myself out on Saturday.

So, the pile of unfinished sewing is still in the corner of my living room, I’m no closer to making myself some trousers, let alone a trench coat, and I keep thinking of more things to make, I think I may be a lost cause.

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