Knitting Update

ImageRemember the gorgeous but impossible to work with yarn that I bought? Well, I forgot to say that I knit it up.  Here are my two rectangles before I sewed them up into fingerless mitten / wristwarmer thingies.  The left shows the front of the twisted rib, the right the back where it comes out as plain rib. (Apologise for the fuzzy photo, I’m having hardware issues). I didn’t want to do anything complicated texturewise that would fight with the variagated yarn, but I wanted something a bit more interesting than plain rib.  I like the effect I got, but it’s messy.  My excuse is the number of times I had to tie the  yarn back in because it broke as I was knittng.  I knitted the ends in as I went because I couldn’t face the thought of weaving them all in.

 Well, they’re cosy and stay on and I still love the colours. Need to make the thumb holes a bit smaller though.

Dodgy selfie

Dodgy selfie

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