A plethera of last minute christmas makes

Well, after taking some steps in the right direction, namely seriously denting my pile and making something for myself (which I haven’t blogged properly about yet for complicated reasons) have I capitilised on my success? No, of course not. I’ve started new projects.

I have completed one. Another school pinafore. Little girl was sad that the first one was in the wash and she couldn’t wear it and I had enough fabric left so I made another. It looks just like the first, but with slightly different buttons, so I haven’t taken a photo. This time I finished the edges of the ruffles that get gathered as well as the edges that get hemmed, as one of my original ruffles had embarassingly started coming apart at the seam and needed mending. I also made sure they were well attatched to the yoke before adding the yoke facing. So far so good.

Other than not using a different colour thread for the gathers this time (honestly, if you have to use contrast thread to tell it’s there so that you can take it out, why not use the same colour thread and any you can’t spot can safely be left in) the only other thing I did different was to cut the pocket bags in with the front and back. This was simpler to do and quicker to make up but takes more fabric, but I had enough.

pocket bag ear

pocket bag ear

It was hard for me to make the same garment twice in a row in the same fabric. I was itching to change things. I did construct it in a slightly different order, just to keep me sane (nothing major). But it was a lot faster as I knew what I was doing and the pattern pieces were already traced.

Other than that I’m now planning to make my immediate family Christmas presents. I have left oh so much time for this!*

There was a painful family trip to the fabric store on a Saturday to discuss fabric and pattern options with my husband. I have the fabric but the pattern is to collect. I was a good little sewer though and prewashed the main fabric (still have to do the lining) and ironed it. It’s a grey wool tweed…


pre ironed shot with random shadows, for interest

Then I bought some very special fabric to make up a slightly different sew chic dress as a party dress, fabric that only a nearly 6 year old girl could love. I’ve cut out the pieces but had to wait for a child free time to start it so it stays a surprise. This evening was my first chance but my husband was using the machine to make a rag coat.

Oh well, I started cutting a shirt for my son instead. I think I’m going to try making the sew chic shirt ‘t’ which has a proper collar but try and mash it up with the long sleeve option of the simplicity pattern that I used to make his pirate t shirt. And if that isn’t complicated enough the fabric is a seersucker check (I was heckled with cries of tablecloth) that requires pattern matching and won’t lie flat due to it’s seersucker nature (no, I have neither pre washed nor ironed it either, I have reverted to type). I have cut out the front, back and yoke and I’m going to construct them before cutting the sleeves.

So I’m itching to get started on one or the other, but then I realised I only have the daytime this week and Thursday evening to make hubbies present while he isn’t around. The pattern is here now so I’ll try and get it tomorrow without accidently buying something else at the fabric shop and then I can do even more cutting out, eurghh.

*please note the sarcasm

2 thoughts on “A plethera of last minute christmas makes

  1. You sound scarily busy! Good luck in getting it all done, and what a mum for making a last minute pinafore…you should totally post that rag coat if your husband is willing!

    • I just really am good at thinking up projects and starting them. We’ll see if I get them all finished. I haven’t told them of my plans in case I don’t. Plus two of them have birthdays 2 months after Christmas, that’s my back up plan. (And it took me 3 days to get around to making the 2nd pinafore, she had to wear a skirt in between, shock horror.) One day I’ll start on my ever growing list of selfish sewing wants.

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