A Very Special Dress

  • Pattern: Flared Sleeve Dress (k) from Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids.
  • Recommended fabric: London-Stripe cotton (never heard of it)
  • Fabric used: Some pink knit fabric with a metallic hot pink finish on the right side that called to me from the remmnents box and was impossible to ignore.
  • Ease of make: Very easy, a simple pattern with good instructions the bottom half of which is identical to the two pinafore dresses that I made before. The pieces all fit together nicely.
  • Problems: I cut two identical sleeves, so had to cut a third one the other way around (left and right sleeve pieces each have a front and a back and the two sides are mirror images of each other, not identical).
  • Modifications: In seam pockets added as before. Instead of making bias binding for the neckline and bow, I came across some rainbow striped satin bias binding (that was just as hard to ignore as the fabric) and used that. It has a pink in that matches the dress. I also used it to finish the hem and sleeves rather than doing a double folded hem as suggested. As my fabric was knit I didn’t finish the edges, although any time saved was negated by the extra time the machine takes to do a triple stretch stitch. I also topstitched the shoulder seams flat to prevent irritation and French seamed the sides as my pattern piece was already cut with that seam allowance in mind from making the pinafore.
  • Is this dress in keeping with the chic minamilist style of the book? err, no, definitely not. I think it’s channelling an 80’s sci fi programme, or possibly a gospel choir.
  • Any side effects from making this? I couldn’t help giggling every time I caught sight of the fabric. Much to the consternation of my husband, who thought I was laughing at his sewing efforts.
  • Will the recipient appreciate it?A hot pink shiny party dress with feeley rainbow ribbon made by mum? I’m fairly confident she’ll love it, but it’s for the 25th so we’ll have to wait and see. If not I’m sure we can find another small girl to donate it to.
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