Shiny New Things

The weather round here is frightful

The kids are not being delightful

Hubby has to be at work at 5am (I’ve given up on rhyming now, that’s too yucky to rhyme.  He’s tucked up in bed watching Sherlock).

And I don’t care cos:

  • I’m finally getting to try out typing a blog post on my shiny new laptop, which is soooo much easier than trying to use the touchscreen on the tablet.
  • I’m in the middle of installing the printer software on my shiny new printer…
  • which means I should soon be able to print out my shiny new moss skirt pattern
  • and I may even get to cut into my shiny new fabric that I accidently picked up at a motorway break in IKEA

I have abandoned the pile, including hubby’s unfinished waisitcoat toile (let alone the real thing) and put aside all thoughts of making myself some trousers (which is what I really need, I only have 3 pairs that fit and the favourite has just developed a gash in the knee and the other two I can’t wear with my boots) and decided that what I really need to combat the windy and rainy January weather and the tired children is a red polka dot mini skirt.

So basically a shameless copy of Jennifer’s in the same fabric, just a different colourway, maybe a little longer (as the very mini ness of it does scare me slightly) and in my case definitely worn with leggings.

Grainline Studio | Top 5 Hits 2013 | Polka Dot MossThese photo’s from Jennifers Top 5 hits of 2013 post are my inspiration, but I’m not fooling myself, I will not look like that!

I have no idea why, I don’t wear skirts, let alone mini’s, but hey.

Now to see if I can get the printer to work……



Must take the opportunity to publicly thank long suffering sewing widow husband for shiny new things.

3 thoughts on “Shiny New Things

  1. OK, so obviously in my head I was going to make the skirt tonight. Actually I think even I knew that was a little unrealistic. Some time later, with help of a man who was struggling to get to sleep early and after installing adobe reader and other such technical things, I now have pattern pieces printed out the right size (much better than the 1/8″ too small I though I was stuck with earlier) ready to stick together and cut out. Definitely time to quit whilst I’m ahead and go to bed. In an ideal world the kids would play happily tomorrow whilst I made a skirt. HA HA (I struggled to get them to walk in the door without fighting today)

  2. That is wonderful skirt. I feel some skirt inspiration coming on! nothing like a list of things to finish to make you want to do something else completely! Go for it, I’d say. And Happy New Year to you!

    • It does look fab doesn’t it. Hope mine works as well. And Jennifer has been really helpful forwarding the pdf me after I ordered it to be sent to an obselete email address and answering questions about how to lengthen it without adding a band like view B (that would look wierd in polka dots I think).

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