Quick refashions

The other thing that I finally got around to doing in November but then couldn’t get the pictures online was a couple of refashions for my daughter that had been waiting around for a while. First up, take a very shiny sequinned boob tube (what a horrible name but what else can I call it) that was unsold in a shop sale so donated to a charity shop where they sold it for £2 plus some elastic from stash seamed to waistband size….

raw materials

raw materials

Stretch elastic as much as you can and sew to sequinned fabric
quick and dirty sewing

quick and dirty sewing

and get a ridiculously shiny quick skirt (so why did it take me months to get around to it?). Not the best waistband ever but I was unsure how to deal with the sequinned fabric and wanted to handle and sew it as little as possible. Plus this one is just for the dressing up box.

Next up, the age 3 summer dress I bought in the end of summer sales when she was age 2. I don’t normally buy strapped tops (too much sunscreen needed for one thing) but I was won over by the colours and the twirlyness and the bow at the waist with dingle dangle beads.

Take one inaproprite dress

Take one inaproprite dress

Well, next summer when she was age 3 it got worn only once. Because I realised that the purple bodice bit is shaped. It sticks out slightly, like a training bra, but this is for a 3 year old. I found this deeply inappropriate. It got put on oneside to turn into a skirt, but I was a little unsure what to do. Then I found it again and thought I better adapt it before it was way too small for her.
cut off offending parts

cut off offending parts

First step cut off the horrid shaped purple crochet bit, leaving some to fold over and make chanel for elastic. The channel doesn’t meet at the sides due to the shaping, I think that is what put me off before, but I decided to go for it anyway this time.
much better

much better

Turns out it fits her without elastic added (there is already some in the back that was to pull it in). Not sure how long for! I might add some elastic when it needs to get passed on. In the mean time she appreciates the colours and the swirlyness and the dingle dangle beads just as I thought she would. And I like it so much better this way.

5 thoughts on “Quick refashions

  1. Anything twirly or shiny got my vote when I was little, too. You’ve reminded me of my pile of refashion things I should be getting on with!

  2. Shaped top for a three year old. Shame on you Next! But great skirt…. Oh my refashions and mending box….

    • I know, shame on Next (but how did you know it was Next when I didn’t say? I’m in awe of your powers of deduction). But by the time I found out it was 9 months after I’d bought it so I didn’t feel I could take it back and complain.

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