Starry Swishy (re)Sycled Skirt

Today I took 2 pairs of trousers, one with a big hole in an indecent place, the other with a broken zip and thinly worn in critical places and with a little help from one of Erin’s tutorials, I made a skirt….

Starting places please

Starting places please

With added pockets

With added pockets

Spot the Stars

Spot the Stars

Shooting sar effect

Shooting sar effect

    2 x (broken trousers) + know how = skirt 
  • Materials: 2 pairs of worn out jeans, one denim, one cordroy
  • Cost: Nothing (I’m not counting electricity or my time)
  • Ease of Make: Very easy – quick too
  • Style: Scruffy hippy chic
  • Help needed: to trim the hem into a vaguely straight line after construction
  • Extra design features:
  • *Back pockets from the cords added to the front as extra pockets (idea stolen from inspired by Erin),
  • *Extra triangles of cord added to the bottom of the denim legs reduce the appearence of the skirt being made from adding bits to a pair of jeans,
  • *Stars in denim on the cord sections and visa versa (idea stolen from inspired by Erin) to unite the two colour sections, reduce the amount it looks like a pair of trousers with a couple of triangles inserted, and just because applique stars look good and are funky (in my little world even if not in anyone elses)

  • *Centre Seams cut out from jeans tied onto belt loops as I can’t decide if I like them or not so haven’t sewn them on
  • Will the stitching hold up to wear?: Hmm, not sure, I will keep an eye on it and change my two lines of brown straight stitch (to mimic jeans topstitching) to a zig zag if necersarry
  • Make again: Possibly, not sure I need two skirts like this in my wardrobe and I don’t have that many suitable pairs of trousers to cut into hanging around but I would certainly help someone else make some
  • 9 thoughts on “Starry Swishy (re)Sycled Skirt

    1. What a great way to reuse semi-worn clothes. I like the appliqué especially!

    2. Thanks Philippa, I’m pretty pleased with the applique, just hope the stitching holds up, but won’t mind too much if I have to redo it as it was pretty quick and dirty sewing.

      • Now, that is so familiar…go back 7 years and we can dance in our skirts together! Mine didn’t have stars – but if the stitching comes apart, you quickly add a patch and it gradually grown into a new living being 🙂 Lovely!

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    4. Oh, I think I might remember that skirt, didn’t notice how it was made. Would love a dance my dear. Now, to arrange the small matter of being in the same country at the same time where there is dancing to be had….

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