What a difference a year makes

About this time last year I rang my mum up whilst she was watching TV – she kept talking to me but the phone call turned into a running commentry on the programme, so I watched it later on iPlayer to work out what she was going on about.

No prizes for guessing what the programme was, The Great British Sewing Bee.

And no prizes for guessing that I watched the first programme of the new series last night. I discovered that the triangular pieces I had added earlier in the day from one pair of jeans to the other to make a skirt yesterday were called Godets. And when some of the contestants were confused about understitching I had a big grin because I learnt about that when I made my polka dot skirt.

But the thing that made me grin the most happened a few hours earlier. We went on a family trip to the shop van (a mobile shop selling local produce – we live exciting lives) and we got there just as the shop had arrived 10 mins late. A little conversation about how lucky it was we hadn’t arrived on time ensued and I explained that the reason we weren’t there earlier was that I was just finishing the skirt that I was wearing.

J was complimentary about my skirt. And then she started spotting other things I’d made. P and her toddlers headbands (made the other day out of scraps as requested), the circular scarf I knitted my husband that he was wearing as a hatband, the two bags we were carrying (my new spotty one and one from a while ago). When we got home I realised that the skirt my daughter was wearing was that one I refashioned and ahem, I was wearing a homemade item of underwear. 3/4 of us were wearing things I’d made.

You could make me hair things from that mummy...

You could make me hair things from those bits of fabric mummy…

Issy The Toddler is pleased that her headband matches her Mummy's

Issy The Toddler is pleased that her headband matches her Mummy’s

And today, my son is wearing not one, but two shirts I’d made at the same time, plus a pair of leggins I made (as a trial for some leggins for me, which didn’t quite work, I’m hoping that pair number 2 fair better before I blog that) and my husband is wearing the almost finished waistcoat muslin that I finally got around to doing (it just needs buttons, todays family outing, a family trip to the fabric shop to choose buttons, we know how to staycation).

No, I don’t feel like a proficient sewer. I’m not planning to make all our clothes. I would really really like to master making trousers so I can have some that fit. But I’ve sewed loads in the last year and finally conquerred my fear of making clothes. Hurrah!

5 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes

  1. Hurray! Well done. Looking forward to seeing much more of your work.

  2. I’m hoping you’re going to see some of it in person. Just as soon as I get half term out the way. Oh and then I have 3 days to make something for a small girls birthday. And then I have a week where I want to make what was supposed to be Iain’s Christmas present in time for his birthday. And then 10 days to make something for my mum’s birthday as promised. But then I will be able to do it. Unless I get distracted….

  3. Congratulations on making so many clothes and jumping in. I haven’t been at all prolific (yet) but there’s lots of planning going on. GBSB and Tilly set me off with the itch to sew last year. I wonder how many people have started or gone back to sewing because of it?
    I can’t see the new series yet (sigh) because I’m not in the UK. I’m hoping someone will post on YouTube.

  4. I’m very impressed with what you’ve achieved in such a short space of time. It’s lovely that your daughter has started to think of what to do with scraps (the bane of my life!) as well. Her little headband/scarf is really cute. I remember my daughters wearing them at that age 🙂

  5. My friend in Germany watched GBSB live on filmon.tv as she couldn’t wait for it to appear on youtube. No experience of that myself (and don’t know what your time difference is) but maybe it’s an option?
    Philippa – you obviously need to find a little girl to shower with gifts! Or take up quilting…

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