Ups and downs

Every time we’re camping I think that I really must sort out the camping stuff when we’re back home, and then we’re back and tired and there’s a pile of washing and I never do.

Well, on Saturday night I was left alone whilst hubby did a spot of babysitting for friends and I made a bit of low key late birthday present for him.

I found 2 different pairs of irreparable cord trousers that had been his and one of his favourite old shirts that had been worn until it was threadbare in places and made two useful things.

First up a bag for storing camping crockery in (the one we currently use has been his for about 30 years as far as I can tell and is starting to fall apart. It’s some dodgy 70’s synthetic fabric. I would’ve taken a comparison photo but there is a mountain of lego piled up in front of the cupboard its in).



It’s nothing fancy but as a non quilter/piecer I was pleased with my results. I was too tired to work out what size to cut the top squares in order to be able to fold them over to make a channel for the drawstring so I used a piece of facing from the shirt instead.

Then I made a cutlery roll, again not very inspiring but hopefully useful. There was quite a lot of the purple ribbon in my ribbon box so I tried a hanging loop too, but I’m not sure how that’ll work not least as there’s not many places to hang stuff from in our bell tent. The bottoms of the pockets are reinforced with some more cord to help toughen up the shirt fabric. There are 5 pockets because that seemed to fit the width of the fabric I had.


Anyhow, that definitely counts as scrapbusting. I think I’m starting to notice a bit more room in one of my fabric boxes now too. Whilst rootling I found the piece of netting fabric that I had lost in there so made a replacement net curtain for the one the kids had ripped in their room and an extra one for the landing at hubby’s request. But even I am not boring enough to photograph hemmed rectangles of fabric (although, that’s pretty much what the bag is so maybe I am).

Today however I’m down in the dumps. I offered to make my mum a Tova blouse for her birthday. I was going to cut it out last night but I went to bed before the kids as I was knocked out by a cold cough thingy. Never mind, there’s always Monday morning. Except I have lost the file to print the pattern out from – which I need to do as my Mum is smaller size than me. I’m hoping it’s sitting on her laptop somewhere as when I printed it out before it was at her flat as I didn’t have a working printer at the time. Except she’s coming here for lunch between appointments so I’m twiddling my thumbs in frustration. I’m busy all day tomorrow and it’s her birthday on Wednesday. Gah…..

3 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. These things are so sent to try us. Hope you got the pattern by now. I heard it is fast to sew up…….

  2. Oh your camping accessories are so pretty! Much nicer than all that nylon-y fabric you get for everything camping. I hope you are feeling better soon. Buy your mum a bunch of flowers and make a belated Tova if you have to! Good luck!

  3. I’m hoping that the camping accessories with raise an odd smile when camping.
    I think I might know what the problem is with my Tova pdf. I probably used my old email account when I bought the Tova pattern. The one I’m now locked out of. So fingers crossed that the file is lurking on mum’s laptop somewhere. I’m not going to get chance to go around until tomorrow evening though so no chance that I can get it done in time for her birthday. However, she wants it for summer so is quite happy for it to be a bit late. In the mean time I can give her another jar of the marmalade I made which she’s very keen on.

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