Little bird skirt

I have a new moss skirt which definitely counts as stash busting as I bought exactly nothing to make it.


Yay!(Happy pose, with assistant model)

I wasn’t planning to make myself a skirt. My next project was a Tova top for my mum’s birthday but that got stalled as I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere. (I think it’s probably saved in my old email account, the one that I’m locked out of). But after a few days of being ill I wanted to do some sewing. So instead I cut out a Moss mini from my to do pile (just like mine, but smaller, a present for an old friend) and I worked out that I had just enough of the leftover fabric from my curtains to make the shorter version for me. So I cut both of them out Monday evening. Cutting out is not my favourite task but I felt virtuous afterwards.

On Tuesday I went round to my Mum’s to watch the Sewing Bee and discovered (as I hoped) that she had the Tova pattern saved on her computer (as that’s where I’d printed it out before), so I was able to print out and tape up the Tova pattern in the smaller sizes. It’s now draped over a chair in my living room with the fabric waiting for me to have time/chance/peace to cut it out.

Then my week got busy. I didn’t get chance to sew anything until Friday – when I made a start on both the mini’s, production line style and got them both about 1/3 done in an hour.

I decided to be selfish use mine as a practice for the zip on the one for a present so I went ahead and did more on it last night and finished it this morning.

Back view

Front view

Back View

Back View

Actually, there was another reason I chose to get this one finished first. I couldn’t decide if it would make a nice garment or a there’s a reason you can’t buy this in the shops item. I think I’ve decided it’s the former.

The photo shoot moved indoors for technical reasons

The photo shoot moved indoors for technical reasons. No idea what’s going on with my expression there.

I cut a size 16 this time as the 18 I made before is huge. I still ended taking it in at the back seam a cm or two. But I also ended up resewing most of the side seams with less seam allowance as it was a bit tight around the hips.

As I only had just enough fabric left I used some thin demin offcuts to face the pockets (which don’t show). I also used a strip of this cut on the bias to face the bottom of the skirt. The short version is rather short (fair enough, it’s a mini) and I was slightly alarmed when I tried it on. I faced the hem rather than folding it over twice as I didn’t want to loose any more length than I had to (even though I only plan to wear this over leggins).

I had been planning to piece the waistband together out of my remaining scraps of fabric. But when I found out I might have to use more than 4 pieces to get a long (or is that wide?) enough strip for a waistband I opted for plan B. Which was to pick the remaining waistband off the trousers that I cut up to make my Swirly skirt and use that instead. This was not really time saving in the end with all the unpicking, but worked amazingly well, I didn’t even have to do any resizing. As a bonus it came with belt loops (but as this skirt actually fits I don’t need to wear a belt with this one) a pre done button hole and a jeans style belt button.


My major headache with the make was breaking the zip this morning, I must have not sewn it in properly and it slid off the end. I got it fixed in the end and have sewn over the bottom to stop that happening it again.

I’m really pleased with my bonus skirt. I like the darker grey cord waistband with the fabric and I’m not bothered by the fact the pattern doesn’t match at all (the only pattern choice I had space to make was to have a bird peeping out of the top of my left pocket) – it doesn’t show much on this fabric. I may even be inspired to take the waistband off my other moss and refit it when I’m doing the waistband for the one I’m making as a gift.

Right, off to try the skirt out in public now and see if I get laughed at for wearing something made from curtain fabric….

13 thoughts on “Little bird skirt

  1. I love all of the creative piecing that you had to do for this garment (pocket/hem facings and waistband). It turned out really cute! Nice job.

  2. Thank you very much Angela. I’m pleased to report that I didn’t notice any pointing and laughing at my skirt whilst I was in town.

  3. Your skirt is super cute, it looks like the pattern placement worked out beautifully. Excellent job – and done with so little fabric!.

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  5. I love the bird print! I have to agree pattern matching doesn’t matter on a print as large as this (it looks fine in pics) and anyway none of the high street stores were bothering last time I looked (which was admittedly a while ago lol). I would love to get a skirt like this as a gift – I think it’s very generous of you and your friend is very lucky to be having one made for her. Btw how nice that you watch the GBSB with your mum, I watch it with my daughter. It’s just so much more fun when you can comment on everything together 🙂

  6. Thanks for the reassurances about pattern placement. ( My friend is getting a red spotty one by the way and pattern placement on that is hard work!) It’s good fun watching GBSB with my mum, but getting her to stop complaining about Claudia is hard!

  7. Love the skirt! I just need to get my littlest one into bed and use this evening to get my machine out…. Why are they so sticky when you actually have enough energy to do something in the evening?! sOOOOO looking forward to seeing that spotty one ;-))

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