I may be a lost cause

So, this evening, I’m alone in the house, the kids are in bed, I fancy doing a little sewing, but what to sew?

In theory I should finish the other moss mini that I started this week, but I am in the process of coming to terms with the fact that I have messed up some of the pocket pieces and need to reprint them (and glue the paper together) and recut them (luckily I have loads of fabric left) and possibly do some unpicking and I can’t face all that right now (sorry Y, I will do it soon, no really I will, the need to “get it right” is stronger as it’s not for me and it’s slowing me down).

Well, I only started the skirts because I couldn’t get any further with the Tova for my mum due to temporary pattern misplacement, but that issue is now resolved so I could get cracking on that. But somehow now her birthday is passed it doesn’t seem so urgent (she’s told me more than once that she won’t wear it until the weather is hotter so I shouldn’t rush it).


Tova pattern plus fabric to make it with, errm, plus some more fabric I bought to make a pair of pyjama bottoms with for my husbands birthday at the beginning of March that has been washed but not ironed yet.


my small knit stash

What I really wanted to do tonight was make a pair of leggins as mine are falling apart and I want some to wear with my moss skirts. I have some thickish grey knit fabric (with a very subtle almost rib like stripe going across the fabric) that I bought for this purpose before Christmas that will go with both the old and the new skirt. I bought this fabric right around the same time that I made a pair of self drafted purple leggins, that are both too tight and scratchy and match nothing in my wardrobe. The less said about those the better. So making up new leggins requires remeasuring, re reading the tutorial on drafting leggins, (a novice attempt at a) close examination of stretchiness of knit, diagnostics on the bad fitting leggins, redrafting pattern…..

This is why the fabric has been on my pile for so long despite me desperately needing new leggins. When I began to contemplate doing this and realised what a big job it was I then started thinking about making a top in the same fabric. I remember enough about the leggins disaster to realise that I will not have enough fabric left to do both as leggins take up a surprising amount of fabric. I know why I’m considering a top, check out this great Coco top on Didyoumakethat. I had mentally written the pattern off as a) it seems very popular (I’m not naturally trendy) and b) I had mainly seen photo’s of people with very different body shapes to myself in it (i.e. thiner and with less bust), they all looked fabulous but I was kind of suspicious that I would look less fabulous. However Philippa’s version and the one above suggest that I may be able to pull it off and I already have some grey knit. I would need something contrasting though to get the yoke effect, not sure how easy that would be to find in a similar weight/stretch.

Then I remembered the burgandy knit that I bought at the beginning of December thinking that I’d make some leggins for my daughter to wear to school with her school skirts as she won’t wear trousers, no matter how cold the weather and I suspect that tights aren’t good for her excema. I found it in the last few days after having misplaced it. It’s thinner and drapier than the grey (sorry, I’m pretty clueless how to describe knits) so wouldn’t make contrast yoke, but I’m starting to fantasise about making something out of it for me. I’m not sure if I can be bothered making legins for my daughter now as soon she’ll be in summer uniform and by next autumn she’ll have grown and I’m not sure that she’ll wear them anyway. This knit was bought whilst I was away for the weekend, so if I make a top out of it I wont be able to make her leggins in the future as I can’t sorce burgandy knit fabric. I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy more at the time as then I could make both.

Finally I resolved my dilema by realising that I haven’t washed either knit, so I can’t do anything. I started tidying stuff up instead and that’s when I discovered the real extend of my problems.

things that just need buttons and buton holes:

  • wearable waistcoat toile for husband
  • sashes for mine and husbands Molly kit
  • .

    partially sewn things:

  • summer school top for my daughter that I started about last easter
  • another couple of sashes for the Morris side
  • the waistcoat for my husbands Christmas present (2013)
  • at least 2 other things hidden away upstairs
  • .

    cut out things:

  • upcycling old t-shirts into pants
  • furry ears and tail for a kids costume
  • at least one other thing lurking upstairs
  • .

    things I have the fabric on one side for and are mentally on my pile:

  • tova top for mum
  • pyjama trousers for husband
  • fitting toile and finished item jeans for me (desperately needed but I’m very scared of fitting trousers)
  • tova top for mum
  • pyjama trousers for husband
  • fitting toile and finished item jeans for me
  • another summer dress for daughter
  • more t shirt to pants conversions
  • a top for daughter (couldn’t resist the voile remnant)
  • a couple more kids dressing up costumes for school
  • .

    things I’m planning to make with leftover fabric:

  • waistcoat for son to match his dad
  • baby clothes (for friends)
  • another presido purse
  • or two
  • .

    other ideas on my mental list:

  • trousers for son
  • more trousers for me (assuming first lot don’t put me off entirely)
  • shirt for son
  • tops for me
  • lady skater or penny pinafore for me
  • shirt for husband
  • sweatshirts for me
  • more leggins for me (if I work the pattern out)
  • archer for me
  • HELP! I think I’m a lost cause. But seriously, if anyone has had the stamina to read this far, what should I do with my knit fabric? (I’m quite new to sewing with knits). I have approx 160cm (62″) wide by 3m (10′) of the thicker weight grey knit and approx 1m (40″) by 1m80 (70″) of the thiner drapier burgandy fabric. Any ideas on what my immediate sewing priorities should be and/or how to whittle down and prioritise the multitude of ideas in my head will also be gratefully considered.

    3 thoughts on “I may be a lost cause

    1. Ok, first, you are not alone with your list of UFO’s, half started and wanting to start projects. 🙂
      Second. go buy the espresso leggings PDF pattern from Sewing Cake on Etsy. It will give you self drafted leggings without all the math and stress. Then you can get to making them! I think it is a pretty good beginner knit project too. Some people have used it as a base for stretch jeans as well so maybe two birds with one stone. 🙂
      For prioritizing projects, finish those buttonholes! Just make yourself do it and it will be a huge relief when it’s done. It probably won’t take as long as you think it will either.
      Then I would tackle the partially sewn things that are causing the most guilt. 🙂
      The other tip for managing the project list is to do batch make the knit stuff while your machine is set up for knits, at least that’s what I do. 🙂 Second, look at what is seasonally appropriate and tackle those next! Hope that helps! Good luck!

      • Thanks for the advice. I’m in the middle of the Tova for my mum now (I’ve decided it would be nice to finish it for Sunday as that’s mothers day here in the UK), but musing on knits (and trying not to forget the other stuff). I think I will see if I can work out where my last leggins went wrong (I think it may be bad fabric choice, leaving myself only 5 mins to pick fabric on the way to pick the kids up from school was not a good idea) before buying a pattern. I’m a maths geek and it offends my pride to think that I can’t work it out for myself!

    2. Oh my gosh, what a list! 🙂 I start with the things that’l be quick to finish & get off the table, makes me feel better. Then I might start something from scratch before heading back to a half-done project! Good luck!

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