Buttonhole Frenzy

OK, not exactly a frenzy, but I did listen to advice, find out all the buttonholes on my to do pile, and do them. And I can report back that I do feel better for it. 20140325_130913
I did 4 buttonholes on pockets flaps on Utility Sashes for Countess Isabella’s Automata (I will try and explain that another time) plus sewed the relevant buttons on, another 4 buttonholes on the waistcoat toile for husbands so-late-it-might-be-early Christmas present (it needs buttons as despite being mottled purple he has declared it wearable) and finally the last 2 buttonholes on a shop bought shirt of my mums “I want an extra 2 buttons on here to stop it gaping, you make such nice buttonholes that I thought you could do them” (I’m not actually complaining by the way, she’s my mum, I think I probably owe her a lot more than 2 buttonholes).
In other news yesterday I stormed through a large part of making up the Tova blouse for my mum (I decided this was priority this week as she’s my mum and its half way between her birthday and mothers day). She tried it on tonight and I think it may need a zip inserted in a side seam to help her get it on and off (she has trouble with stiff shoulders). Or maybe a placket would be more appropriate seeing as we’d just watched the Sewing Bee contestants trying to figure out plackets whilst my mum reminisced about the plackets her grandma put in the tops she made her when she was a child.
I’m also a bit concerned that it has an excess of fabric in the small of her back, although not as much as in my (technically unfinished but has been worn – there’s a back story I’ll tell you sometime) one. I don’t know anything much about patterns but I think this is because the back is one piece and is fitted at the shoulders and relatively fitted at the hips but is not at all fitted around the waist. I was wondering about putting a couple of vertical darts in and was told that I could try tacking them in on mine but it wouldn’t work on hers, as she knew from experience (not sure on the logic here, she’s never made this pattern, but I know I wont win this argument). All in all I’m starting to feel a bit ambivalent about the Tova pattern.
I came back to find my husband sewing the buttons on his waistcoat, which is in general a good thing, but slightly takes the shine off my “I made all of that, all by myself” smugness.
I’m not sure there will be any time for sewing tomorrow, as I have somehow ended up with “bake purple cakes for the PTFA” on my to do list. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Buttonhole Frenzy

  1. Ugh I wrote a long and thoughtful reply to your last post and it hasn’t published! (Needless to say I’ve forgotten a lot of it now!) Anyway, way to go on starting to tackle your UFO pile. There is no non painful way but you do get a boost as the pile diminishes. Anyway, keep up the good work (when you’ve finished baking lol).

  2. darn those internet gremlins! Beetroot and blueberry cake just gone in the oven. Fingers crossed.

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