I was so good finishing all the buttonholes on Wednesday that yesterday was a day to capitalise on my success.

Well, I’m pleased to report that I finished something. We’ll just gloss over the fact that it was a brand new project rather than a thing on my to do pile, (physically or mental) and celebrate…

hang out the bunting, I finished something

hang out the bunting, I finished something

I was supposed to bake a purple themed cake for a cake sale to raise money for Kidney Research. I tried substituting beetroot into a carrot cake recipe and adding blueberries. The result would not have won prizes for its looks (not sure about taste, I didn’t get to try it, it smelt nice). So I whipped up my tried and testy flapjack recipe instead in case no one wanted to eat it and then I made some purple bunting to make up for it.

As I still have a large piece of slightly mottled home dyed purple calico, I came up with a quick and dirty bunting making method..

marking fabric

marking fabric

Make Template. Mark out triangles on doubled fabric. Sew seams first. Then cut out, turn and press.

cutting out after sewing

cutting out after sewing

Then all that remained was to raid my ribbon box and find a slightly fancy stitch to sew them on. Oh and decide how far apart to place them. I went for the oh so technical width-of-the-metal-plate-on-the-sewing-machine-that-covers-my-bobbin.

So now the PTFA have some bunting for the monthly pop up cafe’s and it all came from my stash. Just don’t tell anyone that I celebrated by starting yet another new project….

5 thoughts on “Bunting

  1. What a great idea, and you used stash!

  2. What a great way to make bunting! Might be making it like this for the school fete in May.

  3. I don’t even sew mine! I pop a couple of layers on the cutting mat & whizz round a cardboard template with a rotary cutter, then zigzag them onto some bias binding & Bob’s your uncle! I love that you started another project to celebrate finishing this one, there’s always another waiting in the wings, isn’t there?

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