Wearable Waistcoat

Hubby sewed the buttons on his waistcoat toile that I started back in December and now has a wearable new waistcoat. The thread and the buttons were bought especially but the fabric is a stashbuster. I would love to add a bold tribal/celtic design using batik wax method and overdye it a darker colour (midnight blue maybe) but he is not convinced (plus I don’t have the equipment).

waistcoat, styled by model

waistcoat, styled by model

I drafted a back collar piece by tracing the top of the lapel piece and the back collar facing and bodged together a full collar, as he didn’t like the way the pattern had a lapel that was sewn into the shoulder seam. I think the result is passable but could look better.

I did add the welt pockets (my first), the first went in better than the second.

And the hemline got straightened at hubby’s request.

apparently it's irresistible from the back

apparently it’s irresistible from the back

The actual waistcoat he wants lined, but with the front facing in the main fabric, keep the straightened hemline but lengthened 2 inches. Which is why it has been taking me so long. I have altered the pieces and cut my lining fabric out and sewed my back seam and it’s now languishing on the pile. So watch this space. Very patiently.

10 thoughts on “Wearable Waistcoat

  1. When you can sew you become everyone’s personal tailor! I can’t wait to see the real thing (but sounds like I might have to 😉 ) – the ‘wearable muslin’ looks great!

  2. I’m just a little nervous of sewing slinky lining fabric and messing up welt pockets in the real thing, oh and getting my head around sewing facing to lining. Nothing much then! Oh, and my deadline has gone and I’m easily distracted.

  3. not related but look here….sewonandsoon.blogspot.com….

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