Holiday trousers

I have been sewing, but a little less due to Easter holidays around here. Recently I’ve finished a bag, post soon when it’s finsihed winging it’s way to it’s recipient, plus the Tova blouse for my mum’s birthday which I was so pleased I got done that I forgot to take any pictures of. Hey ho.

I also had a request, bordering on a demand, for some trousers for my son. He pointed out that there were some included on the pattern I used to make his shirt. There’s no flies on him.

So I made some Simplicity 4760 trousers. With extra pockets (a coin pocket, and two differently shaped back pockets) as directed. (Although I got out of putting a pocket with flap on the back of one of the calves as he relented at the last minute to my pleas). The pocket fabrics, all different, were all chosen from my remnant stash by the boy. The zip is from a coat of his that got destroyed at school. I didn’t have anything suitable for the main fabric in my collection so I took him fabric shopping and after a lot of deliberation he chose some black denim (to my relief, something else might have been too much with the pockets).

front view

front view

back view

back view

So, the pattern. I looked at the finished measurements on the pattern – the large size were the same lenth as some he has and there seemed to be no waist measurement for the finished pattern. So I made a medium (as he’s skinny) in the length of the long plus 1″ for growing, which meant I added 4 ” to the length. They came out 4 ” too long so I improvised lining the bottom 4 inches of the trousers in left overs from his last shirt. They were also too large in the waist.

The waist of these trousers annoyed me, there is no waistband, just some facing on the inside. (I cut it from his shirt remnant before I planned the turnup lining as I thought it would make him smile). I’m sure a waistband would’ve been as easy to do an the result would’ve been better. What is it with major pattern companies and trousers without proper waistbands? I tried to find a pattern to make myself trousers years ago and none of them had waistbands either. I stayed with the pattern due to time pressure and sewing in the daytime with kids about, but I ended up putting some elastic in the back. I also struggled with the opening. It’s supposed to have a button on the inside of the fly at the top of the zip with the buttonhole on the underlay (I think). But my zip ended up going right to the top and the underlay was longer than the rest of the trousers and stuck up over the top. Not sure what I did there, but I fudged it, folded down the underlay and sewed it into place, sewed the button on the front as decoration and added a hook an eye at the top of the zip to stop them falling down. Its a bit of a mess really, but it works and I don’t think anyone will notice when he’s wearing them.

All in all I hate this pattern and will never make it again, although I might steal the external patch pocket with a diagonal opening that turns into the belt loops, but I’ll make it better so the belt loops fit a belt in more easily. My other peeve is that the legs of these trousers are really baggy. Before I fixed the waist, when he was having a fitting and was stood there holding them up, with the baggy legs, colourful pockets and mad turn ups my husband commented that he only needed braces and he’d look like a clown. That didn’t help.

Anyway, the boy is very pleased with them and I managed to finish them in time for him to take away on our holiday tomorrow. In fact, he’s going to wear them to travel in.







5 thoughts on “Holiday trousers

  1. These turned out great – I think elastic at the waist is no bad thing for comfort and flexibility at that age (look at the energy in that last photo!). But I agree trousers patterns with waistbands do seem to be I short supply for littlies. Maybe the pattern companies think mums just want a quick sew.

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