Sew Sessment

I am back from holiday, with a couple of pieces of knit fabric stashed in my rucksack that I bought in Edinburgh. I seem to have come back full of intentions of organisey things I can do (for instance I have finally changed the rest of the handles I brought for the kids wardrobes over a year ago) but very little sewing mojo. I keep looking at my pile and thinking “oh, I have an hour I could squeeze some sewing in today” and then doing something else.

However, Karen has posted a Sew Sessment on her Did You Make It Blog, so I’ve done that.

SEW SESSMENT! See How Your Sewing Lines up

Top Three Items That I Wear For Home: Jeans, t shirt, long sleeved thicker t shirts
Top Three Items That I Wear For Work:N/s
Top Three Sewing Talents (go on, show off!): Having ideas, starting things, err, little fear of following instructions (deciphering sewing instructions holds no fear once you’ve tried to read a postgraduate maths textbook)
Top Three Sewing Weak Spots (ouch!): Finishing things, having too many projects on the go, patience (in general, with cutting out in particular)
Top Three Sewing Goals: Make myself some trousers that fit, then make some more trousers, make more clothes for me in general
Top Three People Who Enable Me: Lots of lovely bloggers, sometimes my mum (great sewer, not always very tactful though), my long suffering husband (who puts up with a lot, including my late night sewing antics)
Top Three People I Enable: My kids, myself, my husband (sews his own morris related stuff but asks for advice)
Top Three Reasons I Can’t Sew: Lack of organisation, large enough chunks of time in daylight without kids around, lack of discipline
Top Three Reasons I Can Sew: Lack of organisation (I get to prioritise sewing over more important things and to hell with it), unhealthy disregard for the amount of sleep I need, long suffering husband
NUMBER ONE CHALLENGE I SET MYSELF! Make some trousers for me (I have some cheapish fabric bought, I have a partly made muslin)

I think it’s pretty clear, if I ever get my mojo back, apart from finishing all my unfinished objects on my pile, I need to stop distracting myself with making things for other people (such as my kids, who have loads of clothes) and bite the bullet and learn to make myself (who has at most 3 semi decently fitting pairs of trousers) some clothes that I actually want to wear (which is not dresses – I don’t wear dresses, most sewing bloggers seem to blog about dresses, ok, maybe I exagerate butyou know what I mean).

Now excuse me, some one mentioned a new Oliver and S baby layette pattern and my friend is expecting baby no 4 next week…..

One thought on “Sew Sessment

  1. Alol. I’m going to do this too!

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