Me Made May 1, Wiksten Tova 0

I have been absolutely loving taking part in Me Made May. I have completely astonished myself by wearing something me made every single day in May so far, I think I’m addicted. And I’ve had compliments on my clothes, so I’ve been telling people about how I’m taking part (which I hope doesn’t sound like showing off, my local friends don’t sew).

I’ve worn my spotty skirt, my birdy skirt, fixed and worn my swirly skirt and made and worn two coco’s (although I’ve only blogged the first one due a) not having a decent picture of the second one (not that that stopped me the first time around) and b) it not being as interesting).

Actually I’m a little disappointed in the first coco, despite the fabric being pre washed and being just fine, the first time I washed the garment the fabric has pilled. I wonder if I accidently sewed it wrong side out as it’s just the outside, the inside is fine (I had real trouble telling which was the right side, they’re so similar, in the end I just guessed). Also the cat climbed on my chest and pulled a thread in the turquoise yoke by stropping, arghhh. Finally, when I got my recycled skirt out I realised that I seem to have a slight scruffy star applique obsession. Whoops.

Now it’s getting a little warmer around where I live I didn’t want to wear the coco’s and I don’t always feel like wearing a short skirt so I got out a top I made back at the end of November but never really blogged properly because I’m not sure if I like it.

I wanted to make a Tova, because I’d seen so many lovely versions. But I was wary as they all seamed to be worn by slim women and I wasn’t sure it would suit me. I made a muslin in some cheap pink fabric I’d got hold of but it was sooo pink that I couldn’t see past the colour (which I hated on me) to evaluate the top. Actually, maybe I could, re reading the blog post about it, I mentioned problems with fit issues them, I guess I just got excited at the fabric I’d seen and ignored them as I impulsed made a “proper” one at the last minute to wear away for the weekend. I made it from some cotton lawn fabric I bought locally and made the dress length but added a an inch or two (can’t remember exactly but it’s still far too short to be decent without leggins). The corner turn thing took a bit of concentration but was doable and the rest of it came together quickly, I think I got the whole thing done in a day or thereabouts. I was pleased, it would be versatile, I could wear it with leggins as a dress or with trousers as a top. I would look stylish. I didn’t finish off the side seams, planning to add pockets later.

The first problem was on the train. It was fine worn on it’s own but under another top the cuffs dug into my arm – not comfy. I’m not sure what that top was because my other memory is that it was really cold that weekend and I did a lot of walking around outside and it wasn’t really warm enough for the job under my leather jacket, which was bad packing (mainly due to lack of decent jumpers and coats on my part) rather than a top related problem. Also, whilst the weekend away was supposed to be a fun time with my best friend before she emigrated, the first evening I heard that another friend of mine had died, so I also associated the top with that news, espeically as I ended up wearing it to his funeral as it was smartish and grey and black. (Afterwards a woman I’d never met came and asked me if I’d made it, then quickly explained that she had a fabric shop and stocked that fabric in case I was worried it looked overly home made).

My attempt at sophisticated model pose (good job I'm not after a new career)

My attempt at sophisticated model pose (good job I’m not after a new career)

Aside from all the bad associations this top has picked up, I’m not sure about the fit at all. Having the yoke end across my bust just isn’t that flattering. I don’t know why I ever thought it would work, I would never pick up a top like this in a shop (clearly I was seduced by blog land). And the rest of the top doesn’t fit that well either. The front is neither fitted nor really baggy and just ends up making me look huge. And there is a huge pool of fabric at my lower back which I really don’t like. I wonder if taking that in somehow would help. Maybe fisheye darts? Never done those. I tried discussing it with my mum (who has much more experience making clothes than me) but she reckons the problem is not that it’s too loose on my back but rather too tight on my hips. Thanks mum. I’m never going to wear it without something covering my legs so I maybe making the end of the side seams split would help that? Also I never added inseam pockets in. (so it really needs the seams finishing at the very least). The thing is, I’m not sure I feel inspired enough by its potential to put in the work adjusting it.

Back view, meh

Back view, meh

In it’s favour, it feels lovely on (that’ll be the cotton lawn) and the cuffs don’t dig in when not worn with something over them (although the shoulders are slightly tight when I move). My husband told me I looked lovely this morning when I wore it for the first time in yonks. And a friend complimented me when she saw me in it/ I explained my reservatons about the fit to her and she said she thought it was meant to be a kaftan, loose and flowing. So maybe I just need to adjust my thoughts on what it’s trying to be?

Unhappy about excess fabric

Unhappy about excess fabric

Also I remember their being quite a lot of this fabric left after cutting. The pattern envelope seemed to vastly overestimate the amount of fabric needed. So I wonder if I could make another top (which would probably have to be shorter) with the remainder and then get rid of the one I like least.

If anyone has good ideas on how to improve it please leave me a comment.

5 thoughts on “Me Made May 1, Wiksten Tova 0

  1. I’m really glad you are enjoying your first MMM. You learn so much from participating! I don’t think it’s showing off to share with your non-sewing friends what you’re up to. I don’t have a single IRL sewing friend (hence why I’m on the internet!), you never know, you might inspire someone!

    I’m not sure whether my comments on the Tova will be useful, but I agree with your mum, it’s a loose kaftanish type thing by design I believe. Perhaps I would shorten it to shirt length, if the lower body fit irritates you. But if the dress has developed many negative connotations, you might want to pass it on. I’ve had to do that before.

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