Another one bites the dust

It has been a bit busy around here what with school holidays and visiting relatives and the like. I finally got around to doing some sewing yesterday and I was good. I finished something that has been on my pile for a year.

Last year I had complaints from a certain young lady about her summer school dresses. One sort had pockets, but weren’t twirly enough, the others were twirly, but had no pockets.

So I bought some gingham and made her a circle skirt (not feeling up to making a dress at the time and what could be more twirly than a circle skirt?). I put ric rac around the hem (part of my inherited stash) and made a girly pocket following Lauren’s tutorial. initially she refused to wear it at all as it wasn’t a dress, but I did persuade her she could wear it with one of her white tops in the end. I didn’t take a photo but you’ll have to take my word for it that she looked like a cute mini Judy Garland in a very long circle skirt with a polo shirt and plaits.

Around that time I started a top to match the skirt. I remember struggling to find the exact same check fabric in the shop when I went to buy some more. I used the same pattern as I had for the boy’s shirt. And then I didn’t finish it. And then it wasn’t urgent as it was the summer holidays. And then I still didn’t finish it. And then it was winter. I’ve been meaning to pick it up again since about Easter but I wasn’t looking forward to deciphering where I’d got to with collars and working out how to continue.

What a pleasant surprise I had last night. It just needed sleeves, the collar and pocket (another one from Lauren’s tutorial) were done. The sleeves weren’t cut, I think I’d been trying to work out how to do something a bit more girly, there was plenty of fabric left and I just dug out the sleeve pattern piece from Simplicity 4760 for an easy life.

How I found it

How I found it

I traced out the sleeve twice on a flat piece of fabric. Cut one out. Realised just in time I’d not flipped the pattern piece over, doh. Retraced and cut out the second sleeve (that’s the second time in less than a month I’ve done that now, doh). I winged the constrution, now I’m so used to fitting sleeves, I gathered between some dots on the sleeve had (what else could they be for) and trimed my seam allowance and used the overlock foot on it.

The side/underam seams I french seamed as I’d done that with the shoulder seam – just clipping the corner of the underam before I turned it and enclosed the raw edges (I didn’t think a french seam would work on a sleeve head). I finished the sleeves with some more of the ric rac I’d helpfully put in the pocket to keep safe. The bottom hem was really easy as they were all selvege edges (must’ve cut it at 90 degrees to get that I guess) so I just folded under and stitched in place. I couldn’t find the cute dark navy flower buttons that I’d planned to use from the stash, they’re floating around my dining room somewhere, but I found 4 matching darkish blue ones in the stash that did (she didn’t know about the others so no problem there, she’ll probably get them at some point in the future).

Happy recipient

Happy recipient

And voila, finished in one evening. Guess what, she didn’t want to put it on, said she hated it. But I asked her just to try it and when she realised it looked just like a dress when worn with the skirt (except you can lift it up and show the world your tummy) she now loves it. It’s a little long, and covers the pocket on her dress – I think I made the largest size for growing room. The skirt is no longer a little long, so they don’t really match size wise, but hey, they’re wearable for now and I can make another skirt when she grows out of this one. With hindsight I would have put a split at the bottom of each side seam, but hey. It’s finished, its been worn, it’s now in the washing pile (sigh).

You can see the skirt it was made to match a little better in this one

You can see the skirt it was made to match a little better in this one


One thought on “Another one bites the dust

  1. Ooh good for you, that’s really cute 🙂 and how satisfying to finish a long outstanding project!

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