Catch Up

It’s been that time of year when it’s fashionable to recap on how your Me Made May went. So, fashionably slightly late, here’s my brief roundup.

I pledged to wear 3 different me made items each week. In the end, I amazed myself by wearing something I made every day. Wow, I had no idea I could do that. Each day in May I wore a whole garment that I’d made and the first two days of June I was still wearing accessories I’d worn so that’s 33 days in a row. I shant bore you with photo’s here, especially as there were quite a few repeats, but I have put my fair share of photo’s up on the MMM14 Flickr group.

This was helped by a burst of MMM insired sewing, I made 3 short sleeved tops (including my spotty scrubs), 3 long sleeved tops (including my colour blocked Coco), finished a dress that had been lying about a little while ((20 years, cough cough), upcycled a t shirt into a shrug to go with it, and made a skirt, unexpectedly.

The highlight of all this sewing was a friend today showing off the shrug she’d made from a t shirt too! Hurrah for more sewing. Maybe I’ll get myself some local sewing friends rather than spending hours online “looking at women in clothes” (a recent accusation from my nearest and dearest, in jest, I think). I must mention her great adaptation of Blanca’s pattern – she made it fasten with a button at the front, which looked great and makes it easier to put on and take off.

What I failed to do in May was finish the toile of my trousers, let alone cut into the fabric I have to make them with. This project is getting even more urgent as 1 of my three wearable pairs of jeans has now well and truly died a death and a second pair is on the way out. I can’t even just buy some in a shop as I really struggle to find trousers that fit. However a brief reprieve has been given to me as it’s now warm enough to dig a couple of pairs of linen trousers out of the back of the wardrobe.

I also need to get better at fitting. I have a rather large bust (my UK bra size varies between 34/36 F/FF/G) and I have yet to try a full bust adjustment. As a consequence clothes that fit me up there tend to be a bit baggy lower down, especially around my lower back. I hate this most on my Tova top (also unblogged but made ages ago) but other things suffer from it too including my Coco and my Kimono scrubs t shirt. I think I may need to work out how to adjust for a narrow lower back too, but one thing at a time hey.

Anyway, so there aren’t any photo’s in this post at all, here is one of the long sleeved tops I made. It’s my second Coco. I cut it out before I made the boy a top from the scraps. I think it took me 1 hr 45mins to sew up, start to finish, with a pile of cut peices to start with. It only took that long because this one had a funnel neck and I was determined I must be misreading the instructions because it was so simple, so I spent ages dithering about trying to work out how to make it more complicated than it was. The rest I made exactly the same as last time, but without the need for extra seams as I wasn’t colour blocking or appliqueing.

Apologies for the daft pose

Apologies for the daft pose

I like it very much. I’m not quite sure about the neck bit, but I can live with it. Mainly I like the colour, I’m really pleaed I dragged my brother and husband into a fabric shop whilst on holiday. Frustratingly this one had pilled too and the cat has pulled a thread on it too. The cat is no-one’s fault but my own for having such an annoying beast but the pilling is disappointing.

6 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Well some on completing your first MMM! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I also like your funnel neck Coco – I think I will be making one this winter! As for the dreaded FBA we are the same size and I haven’t tried one either but I really need to. With knits I can usually get away with morphing between sizes but woven is another matter (and I like the Coco unfitted). You will probably get to it before me, I’ve been putting it off forever!

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