Seven Random Facts

I’m not a very happy bunny today. I have a nasty head head cold that leaves me feeling wiped out if I try and do anything and restless if I sit down. I have no makes to post about as I haven’t felt up to making anything (although I did manage to sew some hanging loops on the new towels I bought, just before I got ill, wohoo). I have a new pdf pattern, printed out and taped together (no mean feat) sat on the ironing board along with the fabric (and a load of other junk) and the mere thought of it made me feel tired last night.

So when I was browsing through my list of bookmarked sewing blogs in an attempt find new posts and distract myself and I came across Philippa from Gloria and Me‘s Seven Random Facts about herself in response to being nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award I happily read away. And then I discovered that she’d nominated me. So, as I have nothing better to do, and possibly against my better judgement (as my brain is not fully functional right now so I’m not sure I trust it to find suitably interesting facts that I’m willing to share) , here are seven random facts about me….

I’m a maths geek: I sometimes describe myself as a Resting Mathematician (think Resting Actor waiting tables in LA, but less glamorous). Now don’t get the wrong end of the stick and think that I can actually do any maths anymore, I’m severely out of practice and have forgotten most of what I knew and even when I was in practice it was hardly anything you might find useful, so don’t go asking me any statistics questions. But I do have a PhD in maths (abstract algebra if you want to know – specifically calculating characteristic sets of matroids (no not matrices) using Groebner basis), so if you want to insist on being formal, that’s Dr ProlificProjectStarter to you (not that I normally bother with the title, except when dealing with snotty call centre staff).

I used to have blue hair: bright Austin Allegro blue, honest, I just don’t have a photo, for no good reason. Anyway, I had bright blue hair, pillar box red, peroxide blond and multicoloured streaks in my youth. No reason, just cos I could.

I don’t have a TV: this fact freaked out some people I used to work with. I just got really bored of all the dumbed down rubbish on it. Plus I struggle to not watch a tv if it’s on. So when we moved house we left the tv in a box in the attic, never missed it and never looked back. We used to be too busy doing interesting stuff to watch tv (playing music together, going out, that kind of thing). Then we were too busy/tired with babies/small kids. These days we footle around on the internet instead and occasionally watch stuff on i player. Mainly Dr Who and The Great British Bake off.

I don’t have a car: Living in a city helps. I used to cycle everywhere but we’re at an awkward stage with kids being too big for bike seats and trailers yet not big enough to cycle with us (well, one is but I don’t trust the car drivers). So we do lots of walking and buses. And trains for long journeys, for long journeys with kids trains trumps all other forms of transport (except in the cost stakes). We do occasionally use the local car share scheme car though. Cos, you know, camping and stuff.

I’m a caller – ever been to a ceilidh (kay-lee) or a barn dance and had someone at the front trying to persuade you to dance and explaining how to do it and checking the musicians had got back from the bar and prodding them into playing something appropriate and talking you through whilst the dance was happening and then stopping the dance whilst it was still fun and before you were too knackered. That could’ve been me.

I can see a giant gnome from my bedroom window. Seriously, it’s about 3 foot high. Someone in a house on the road behind us put one in their back garden a few months ago. I have no idea why.

I don’t like asking people to do stuff So I won’t be nominating anyone else. I hate to make anyone feel obliged. Not quite sure how I manage the calling really.

5 thoughts on “Seven Random Facts

  1. I am sorry that you are sick, but glad you found the energy to write those seven things about yourself. A giant gnome, a caller (I knew what that was, aren’t you proud?) and no car or TV. I knew you were an interesting person!

  2. Thank you. The giant gnome isn’t really anything to do with me though. Can you tell I was running out of ideas?

  3. Loved this. I’m never going to be a mathematical genius but I do aspire to having brightly coloured hair if mine ever goes white.
    Impressed by the no TV no car. Should do that one day!

    • Thank you.

      Re hair = you do need it white before it goes coloured. Mine was short at the time and it grows quickly so I bleached it (I wouldn’t do that with long hair, I’ve seen the result, but with short hair it grows out in not too long and the damanged ends get cut out frequently). The first time the bleach didn’t get enough colour out so rather than end up with something greenish my friend produced a pot of red, hence the red for a while. When it started to fade we rebleached it, that time we got to white blonde needed for a good blue to take, but I liked it and kept it blonde for a bit before it went blue. You need a really good conditioner as the bleaching messes with the hair.

      Car clubs are a good way to wean yourself of cars with a back up if you have one locally. It’s easier to cheat on no TV with t’internet these days.

      BTW I am not a mathematical genius, far from it.

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