Going round in circles

I’m in a bit of a sewing slump. I’m 3/4 way through making another full bust adjustment with a “proper” (as opposed to bodged) Full Bust Adjustment. It just needs hemming at the bottom and the sleeves and a neckline added. So I tried it on. The shoulders and bust fit fine, but I messed up the fit on the rest of it. I’ve worked out why, but I’m struggling to motivate myself to finish a t shirt that will be unflattering.

I’ve also started a t shirt for Mr Green eyes from the left overs plus some of the other riduculously small pieces of lovely jersey print that I bought to make up for the fact that his sister got an extra t shirt.

But mainly I’ve been wasting my time dithering. You see the start of autumn in these parts has reminded me of some lovely wool blend jersey I bought at the beginning of the summer.

cityscape wool blend knit and sooo soft indigo/black needle cord

cityscape wool blend knit and sooo soft indigo/black needle cord

I had no idea what I’d do with it, but it was half price (I think £4/m, can that be right) and I loved the skyscraper windows at night effect of the print, although I hated the border print. A friend pointed out that the border print is just fine on it’s own, it just doesn’t go with the main print.

After buying it I thought I might make a tunic dress that I could wear with boots and tights/leggins or possibly over jeans. They have been fashionable in these parts a couple of years ago. But I did nothing at the time due to the hot weather.

Well, now is my time and I’m well and truly dithering. A Victory Patterns Lola Dress? I have been stalking that pattern on the internet, searching out every last blog post about it (it started by trying to find someone more my body shape in one, but then I got a little obsessed). But how will I cope with FBA in princess seams? Plus a couple of people have commented that they started out puzzled how the pattern pieces matched up so how will I manage to cut it to pattern match on a gradiated colour print? Maybe I should make a plain version first. But all the suitable fabric I can find and like is over twice the price of the stuff I have, which seems a bit much for what I hope will become a wearable muslin. And do I really like the shape of that high/low waistline?

Then I started wondering about a simple t shirt dress – I could adapt a t shirt pattern that works for me. I found a couple of tutorials. But then I started worrying, will it be too much and stretch the fabric out. Plus, because it’s a border print I want to cut it at right angles to the “grain” (jersey doesn’t have a grain, does it, but it does have differences in stretch, so direction matters). Also I’d have to finish the half finished t shirt and make an improved version first, before I have a suitable t shirt pattern.

So I’m kind of stuck, going round in circles and obsessing. I even found myself trying to work out the details of a dress similar to what I want being worn by a stranger queuing next to me at a food stall. I hope she didn’t catch me staring. (Her dress was 1 piece at the back. I think 1 piece at the front, but with little tabs at the waistline and pockets, like skirt pockets, underneath).

Oh and I can’t work out what sort of neckline I want, or sleevelength, or even if I plan to wear it with anything underneath.

So all in all I’m going round in circles. But I have started a pinterest board with my thoughts and useful links Follow Rosemary’s board Knit dress obsession on Pinterest. (I’m a bit of a newbie to Pinterest, still getting my head around this).

Please let me know if you have any top tips for getting out of a sewing rut, motivating yourself to finish a blah kind of make, or deciding what to do with your special fabric, or what would work well for a knit dress (can I cut safely cut it at right angles to the “right” way? Surely they must think I will as it has a border print though?).

4 thoughts on “Going round in circles

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