List of projects I’m currently sulking at / ignoring

Because, you know, it’s good to keep a track….

The T shirt I posted about yesterday, due to suddenly realising I need navy fabric to finish it, which I don’t have.

The half made muslin for my Clover jeans, fabric brought last Christmas hols, pattern bought new years eve, can’t remember when I started this muslin, do know I’ve sewn one of the pockets on inside out and stalled once I realised I was supposed to sew a fly zip in a garment made out of an old sheet that I will never wear. And then it will probably look horrendous and I will have to work out how to alter it. And it may take 2 or 3 more goes before I get the muslin right. In the mean time all my jeans have now fallen apart, I’m surviving on lighter weight trousers but as the days get colder I’m gonna run into serious trouble soon as I cannot find trousers that fit in the shop.

The Waistcoat for Hubby’s Christmas present, 2013. He’s muttering about buying one. It wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t had to make so many alterations. Although, come to think of it I think the wearable muslin is ok bar length, so maybe I should just get my act together.

The bunch of sun hats that I started cutting out at the beginning of the summer. All 6 of them, or was it 7. Reversible Oliver and S bucket hats like I made before. One of which will now be too small for the intended recipient. To be fair on the sun hats, it’s not really fair to sulk at them because I didn’t get my act together before sunhat weather ended.

The copy of my polka dot skirt that I was making for a friend, and realised I’d messed up the pattern pieces, because it’s not as simple as cutting down your pattern piece to a smaller size if for the some curves the smaller size should have gone outside the larger, but you forgot that because you cut those bits off when making your skirt.

There are of course, other things languishing on my pile, which I am not actually sulking at, just haven’t got round to and have quite possibly forgotten about.

Of course, ask me what projects I’m enthused about and I have a huge long list, of things I haven’t started yet with more idea’s coming faster than I can write them down….

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