In the buff

So, as well as making the door stop yesterday I recovered a chair cushion in the same fabric. Pretty speedy (I just drew round the existing cushion, made by my mum) so I managed to get it done before the boy worked out what was going on and had any design input. Not really worth blogging about, but when I was tidying the large pile of rubbish of the chair today (see, finally doing some housework) in order to rehome it I found something I finished last week, can you tell what it is?

cushion and "buff"

cushion and “buff” – at a jaunty angle that I have neither the time nor patience to sort out

I started it 3-4 years ago when I was in a knitting phase. I was knitting lots of hats in chunky yarn
at the time and decided I wanted to make a buff/circular scarf thing. Someone told me to use sock yarn, the thinner ply makes a more buff like fabric. I bought a skein of Juno sock yarn, I think it’s hand dyed, it’s a subtly variagated purple/heather thing. It was quite expensive but I was reassured it would go a long way. It did. Eventually.

In Action

In Action

I knitted it in the round on 4 needles, a 2 in 2 rib, I presume I did a tension swatch. Easy knitting but it took sooooo looooong. At one point I was made to make the boy something similar, in double knit (much quicker), which has recently been replaced. Then it got put down for a couple of years. Then started again on a train journey, where I discovered lots of dropped stitches and had to pick them up. So the end result is not amazing quality. The tension varies a bit in places and those picked up stitches on a train don’t look so pretty. But I finished it!

Working scarf, could be drapier

Working scarf, could be drapier

In fact the main issue I had was deciding when to cast it off. It’s 7″ long in the end, not as long as a “proper” buff but also no where near as thin so I thought that was enough. Then I had to rediscover how to do the stretchy cast off – but in this thin yarn it looks a bit loopy and messy, probably my knitting. Then it was done, no seams, yay for knitting in the round.

It’s a bit baggy in the end, wish I’d done my initial calculations better back in the day. And it’s not very drapey when worn as a scarf. But tis done, finally, and I’m not ripping it and starting again now!

Doubled over as a headband

Doubled over as a headband

4 thoughts on “In the buff

  1. I like the colour much and the style. Oh, how I wish I could knit (believe me when I say no chance) especially at this time of year!

  2. I think it looks so beautiful! Excellent work. I love what I find when I clean. Should do it more often. 😀

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