Random Hat of Kindness

I made another hat. But I’m not addicted. Honest.

Speckles and Zig Zags hat

Speckles and Zig Zags hat

I started this one on the train home, so technically it was part of my weekend away knitting. Also, it turns out its more socially acceptable to knit whilst watching Dr Who with your spouse than it is to use a sewing machine (who knew?). When I was searching for the right yarn for hubby’s hat I noticed that this blue Blue Faced Leicester Aran yarn and a half a ball of mystery soft pink with flecks in stuff (pretty sure there’s a fair bit of wool in there) went well together so I threw them in too in case I got his hat finished (I had no inkling I’d make a black cat hat at that point). I like to knit my hats with 2 strands, partly its an easy way to get chunky effect yarn, but I also like the look you get when using 2 different colours.

close up of the impromptu pearl zig zags

close up of the zig zags

Once I’d completed the crown the ball of pink started looking a little thin, so I swaped to two strands of blue for a while. But I was worried that would be a bit plain (plus I get bored easily) so I did an impromptu double zig zag effect by using pearl stitches. It doesn’t show up that well but I like it.

I just used the pink strand to cast of using the incredibly stretchy bind off method

I just used the pink strand to cast of using the incredibly stretchy bind off method

I swapped back to pink and blue for the rib. I considered adding a pom pom or some ears, but I decided it was more versatile in a simpler style. Then I took it round to surprise a friend. When I started knitting the hat I didn’t know who it was for, but then I discovered she was in Birmingham the same time as me (in a different place though, winning awards for her cake decorating skills) and she was admiring the hat’s I’d been making and it suddenly struck me that the colours would be good on her so hers it was.

I got invited in for a cuppa and she wore the hat the whole time, which I’m pretty sure is a sign she likes it. She’s also a knitter so she’ll appreciate it too.

Surprise hat went down well

The surprise hat went down well

4 thoughts on “Random Hat of Kindness

  1. It’s pretty! & is so lovely to make things for friends.

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