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I like to think I don’t know any people locally that sew, but that’s not quite true. I don’t know anyone locally with a sewing blog and none of my friends my age sew clothes, but that’s not the same as knowing no-one who sews.

For instance I have a good friend who comes swimming with me and the kids each week, driving us there and back, helping me keep my patience whilst they’re getting changed, helping the kids build up their confidence in the “big pool” before their swimming lesson, lane swimming with me whilst they’re in their lesson and just generally being an all round good egg and an extra surrogate grandparent (so I can put up with her telling me off for wearing burgandy, just as she puts up with me teaching the kids to say “maroon” just to wind her up). She sews the most exquisitely executed cushion covers in gorgeous colour schemes. And I called in to pay her for a couple I’d brought as presents today, when I was on my way to the sewing shop to investigate pinking shears. As well as showing me her works in progress (how many cushions can I justify buying, I want them all, but at our house they end up on the floor as part of elaborate games), she also dug through her boxes of sewing things and dug out a pair of pinking shears for me to borrow. Hurrah. And especially apt as today is Black Friday / North American Buy nothing day (in the UK we get to take part in international buy nothing day tomorrow, but a lot of the blogs I read are north american and every little helps, eh ;)).

Pinking Shears of Nostalgia (these are very like some we had at home when I was a child that I loved cutting up paper with).

Pinking Shears of Nostalgia (these are very like some we had at home when I was a child that I loved cutting up paper with).

So, now I have been able to pink the seam allowances that will be on the edge of my waistcoat. And then I bottled out of trying welt pockets and made up the collar instead.

2 collar pieces and 4 lapel pieces

2 collar pieces and 4 lapel pieces, self drafted

I cut out the pattern pieces as I had done on the wearable muslin.

collar assembles and ready to turn

collar assembles and ready to turn

Not having just worked it out, something went a bit wrong when I sewed them together this time and the seam placement was off from the points, but I did some resewing and unpicking and I think I fudged it ok.

turned and pressed

turned and pressed

So. Now. Welt pockets. No escaping them.

3 thoughts on “Buy Less, Share More

  1. I’m looking forward to your pockets because your collar looks exceptional!

    • Thanks very much Sue, I’m starting to think I may have atttatched the lapels backwards but I’m hoping to fudge through. One welt pocket done and looking good but although I’m now itching to do them I’ve not had peace to do the other two as hubby is ill so I’ve had no peace from the children and I’m not starting welt pockets at 10.30pm!

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