Creeping towards Christmas

So, the other brother just left this morning. That’s 9 days straight of visitors in this house. Which is not good for my ever growing list of Christmas makes. However, I did selfishly get on with some stuff in the evenings whilst they were there, making anyone who wanted to talk to me sit in the dining room. The talking slows down the sewing and the machine interrupts the talking, but still, I got a top made for the boy.

And then yesterday I got ill. I woke with a nasty cough but otherwise felt fine. By lunchtime I felt rotten, had to get driven home early from our family day out and was simultaneously far too hot and far too cold. Yuck. Lots of sleeping later and I’ve progressed to feeling rough. I’ve even managed to do a bit of knitting and some washing. So, before I go back to bed to recover from the exertion, I thought I’d better review my list to help me focus on what I need to do between now and then, once I feel better.

First off, the completed pile:

  • A spotty pleated milkmaid skirt for the girl.
  • The top I made for the boy.
  • A special door stop for my nephew
  • A rather fragile bag for his “little” sister
  • And this morning I finally finished the scarf for their other sister that I’ve been knitting for over a year. As she was also staying I didn’t have much chance at the weekend. Now it just needs blocking, once I figure out how.
  • Oh and I sourced and posted a present for my Curvy Sewing Swap Christmas partner. This was more nerve wracking than I’d anticipated. (Will she like it? Will she have it already?)Then the priority makes:
  • A short apron that I’m making as a favour for a friend to give to her mother in law. Apparently short apron’s cost considerably more than long ones. This is cut out and shouldn’t be too much work.
  • I’ve started a Presido purse/bag for my neighbour to give to her dauhter. I was going to make 2 to give her a choice but that could be a bit optimistic.
  • And I really want to finish the waistcoat that started out as hubby’s Christmas 2013 present. I think I’ve sorted out the collar issues with some tacking and a lot of pressing, now I’ve noticed the outer is longer than the lining at the back and is hanging funny, so I want to sort that out before I sew it up and do the buttonholes.Followed by:
  • The girl asked Father Christmas for an Anna dress. I’m not sure if she realises that has a black bodice. What I’d like to do is make a blue long sleeved top, a black Anna style t shirt (in velvet? with embroidery??) and a blue skirt that will go with either of them. Their last day of school is Thursday. This is not going to happen.
  • Of course, if I make her 2 things, I have to make him 2 things too. Priority trousers, as he’s been having existential trouser crisis recently (no, I’m not joking). There was not much choice in trouser fabric tough enough to stand up to 8 year old boys, so I got some khaki stuff and have plans to paint it. Oh, such a quick job…
  • Tartan brushed cotton, floral brushed cotton, boiled wool and some khaki twilly stuff

    Tartan brushed cotton, floral brushed cotton, boiled wool and some khaki twilly stuff

    And if I have time:

  • I accidently bought some brushed cotton for the pajama’s I don’t have time to make.
  • The Man was with me when I was shopping and took a shine to some green boiled wool, so at some point he may get a second waistcoat (that implies I’ve finished the first one).
  • And then, after Christmas, I feel it may be time to make some stuff FOR ME.

    PS, sorry, wordpress is taking out my bullet points and messing around with the formatting and I feel too rubbish to work out how to fix it.

2 thoughts on “Creeping towards Christmas

  1. Blimey! Better get some rest x

  2. Oh your ambitions inspire me! Wonderful plans, and lovely fabric. Good luck with finishing them before next Christmas, and of course, take care of yourself first.

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