One. More. Done. (Just).

Is there a competition for the worse blocked scarf ever? If so, I have an entry.

tis done

tis done

A DNA double helix cable scarf (that I’m sure I first saw made up on the Seamstress Erin blog but I can’t find it now so maybe I imagined that), started for Christmas 2013, in a mystery grey/black yarn I inherited that I think has wool in. My first attempt was ripped out as the needles were too small for the yarn, I think they could have done with being larger still actually, that plus the marbled yarn does not show up the cable at all well. Oh well, tis done and the recipient wears only black with the occasional grey anyway. She does, however, have a biology degree, so will hopefully get what it is, if she peers closely enough.

This may be my last make completed before Christmas as I feel utterly rubbish, with flu (although I did manage to persuade myself it was shingles earlier) and doing much more than sitting in bed waiting for people to write sewing blog posts for me to read is out of the question, and after a couple of hours of that I need a nap. Plus it’s the last day of school term for the kids tomorrow. ugh.

5 thoughts on “One. More. Done. (Just).

  1. Hope you feel better in time to enjoy christmas. I end up reading blogs when I should be busy doing ‘stuff’ and I’m not poorly. Nothing like a coffee and a blog catch up..
    I’ve had a peak at the scarf pattern and really like it (and your booking looks good to me tho I’m no expert on blocking). I’ve inherited some lovely soft baby pink mohair, do you think it would look ok in that? 😀

    • Thanks Thimberlina, feeling a bit better today. A pale colour would show the cable off well, not sure how the fluffyness would affect it though. Why not knit a swatch – let me know how you get on.

      • Will do, I’m going away for Christmas and gonna miss my sewing machine so will be good to have something to do by the pool!! 😃

      • ohh, get you! I tend to memorise simpler patterns but this one is a little more complicated (as in irregular shaped, it’s easy to do) so get a plastic wallet to keep the chart in so it doesn’t get splashed. Enjoy your hols.

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