Starting to feel better. Wanted to slum around the house in my Lola dress today (it may not be as stylish as I’d like but it’s still comfy), but that required some leggings. Found a pair on the mending pile, large holes, so I got the sewing machine out.


Apron against rare backdrop of clear living room carpet (cleaned enthusiastically by kids in anticipation of putting the Christmas tree up later)

Then it was out, and so later, when The Amazing Man took the Kids out, I thought I’d do a bit more at the apron I was making for a friend. She is so endlessly helpful to others that I couldn’t turn down her request to make a shorter than average apron (as she couldn’t find one for under £30!) to give as a Christmas gift, even though I wanted to make too many things already. It was started before I got ill and before I realised she could just have bought an apron and I could’ve shortened it. Oh well. Anyway, I thought I’d get a bit more done and then I got sucked in. I had to take breaks cos the fabric made my eyes go funny, but tis done. And there is a bit less guilt lurking about, so I can enjoy a nap now before the rest of them get back.

  • Design spec: An apron for a less than average vertically endowed person who wants to be able to walk and protect her clothes.
  • Fabric: £4.99 for a metre from the shop down the road. Easy job. I had been given free reign fabric wise and this stuff just screamed “apron” at me. Now to hope the Boy doesn’t ask for trousers out of it.
  • “Pattern”: I drew around an apron we already had (turns out my mum made it, I never knew) and shortened it several inches.
  • Neck Loop: Made adjustable with some bits from an old rucksack, as my research (i.e. asking my Mum, who has the same name and build as the intended recipient) revealed that a loose neck loop (what is the proper word for that) is the worse offender for causing a low hanging apron that gets in the way of your knees walking.
  • Twill tape: from my grandmother in laws stash. Red would’ve been more practical but the white was free.
  • Most techincal bit?sewing 2 parallel lines of stitches around the curves before folding and pining to help with the double turned hem finish on the curved bits.
  • Mojo:Still low, but rising
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