Last of the Obligations

Some time ago I promised to make my neighbour a Presido Purse for her to give her daughter for Christmas, so her daughter would stop trying to steal the one I made for her.

front view

Spot the front patch pocket (flukily passable pattern matching as I didn’t even attempt to pattern match)

Well, today I finally got it done. I’m not sure how long it took in the end, because I started it before I was ill.

side view

The fabric is more red than the orange it shows here, darn you northern hemisphere lack of daylight winter necessitating many rubbish indoor photo shoots

But she has it, and she’s pleased (she threatened to keep it for herself and gift the old bag) and she even payed me money for it.

Outer Fabric: Upholstery remnant, loose weave, frayed like anything, the side seams are zig zagged (not in instructions) to try and stop it coming apart.

lining and inside pockets

lining and inside pockets

Inner fabric: 2 different types of lining fabric (as not enough of either in my stash, but I quite like the contrast) dark brown for the main panels, pale brown for the sides- all french seamed as I was also worried about these fabrics fraying.

Pockets – my usual design alteration of putting the inside pocket on outside. The inner pocket and pocket lining has tractors on. The (dark) lining has a plain (pale) patch pocket and a small (dark) welt pocket in one (pale) side.

The piping is green, I nearly used some siver but I didn’t have enough.

Zips: shorter one reclaimed from hubby’s old coat, longer one reclaimed from a shopping bag I had that disintergrated (the bag, not the zip).

secret tractors

secret tractors

Major mess up: deciding I didn’t need to interface the handle. Which I didn’t for strength, because it’s really stiff fabric. But I forgot that Erin has a neat trick to sew the interfacing to the handle to finish the raw edges and I didn’t read the instructions, so I ended up with a lined main bit of handle and then some rapidly fraying pieces to attatch it to the bag with, arghh. So really I did need to interface the handle. My solution, turn the ends under, pin it on, sew it all on with a wide zig zag. It ain’t pretty but I think it’ll be ok. Actually, it isn’t too bad as the red thread sinks into the fabric well. I did attatch the handle before the zip (different order to the instructions), which means it’s attatched to just the outer fabric and not the lining (as the zip stage is when/where the outer and the inner get joined together). It’s possible to do this and still turn the bag if you’re careful and it means my messy zig zag stitching doesn’t show on the inside and isn’t going to mess up my welt pocket.

So, now no more makes that I feel obliged to do before Christmas. Of course, there’s still the little matter of an Anna dress….

Oh, and if anyone wants to pay Spot the Presido, when I was ill I started sorting out pages of my makes by category (mainly to help me find stuff), so you can now see all the bags I’ve made since I’ve been blogging on my imaginatively titled Bags I’ve made page…

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