Christmas list

Well, the waistcoat is nearly done bar fastenings (oh and working out what to do with a collar that won’t lie right, argh), so tomorrow I’m going to the local fabric shop to choose some buttons.

Once I’ve finished this waistcoat I should really start on 2015 Christmas makes, so I thought I’d better write a list out to stop me going off track and help me plan better (as I obviously want to make far more than I’ve time for).

So, dear Santa, this year I’d like time to make before Christmas:

  • some pajama’s for the boy and the girl- to make up for the dressing gowns that I was planning to make them until their Grandma decided she wanted to buy them new dressing gowns (which is a lovely idea, but slightly frustrating that she asked me to buy them so I had to go round the shops looking when I’d been planning on making them. Oh well).
  • A pleated milkmaid skirt a bit like this one, which I may have started this evening (purely to work out how much bias binding I need).
  • Oh and I may have accidentally bought some stuff for making a vaguely Elsa-ish dress for the girl last time I went in the shop.
  • Something for the boy. I saw some great snuggly fake fur stuff and I’m tempted to make him a hoody of some kind (slightly less big than last one and hopefully zipperless). But then again, he has lots of jumpers so maybe I should make him a wasitcoat like his dad (and that pattern has some decent looking trousers with it so that would be a good buy, right?)
  • Something for the man would be fair. Thread Theory have just started a sew a long for their new Jutland Pants which is tempting me. But with 2 lots of family coming to stay in the next couple of weeks I just don’t have time. Maybe for his birthday.
  • I need to finish the scarf I was knitting for a present last year. It’s just about long enough but would be better with a bit more length.
  • I have a bag planned that was going to be a birthday present in the summer that I should make for Christmas.
  • Oh and I’ve promised to make another Presido purse/bag for my neighbour to give to her daughter to stop hers being stolen.
  • and a special door stop
  • That’s all of my wish list. Until I see the next thing that sparks another idea.

    Are you planning any Christmas makes (realistic or otherwise)?