Banana bib bungle

Front, not so bad

Front, not so bad

Goal: Post illness, post Christmas, easy simple quick sewing project to get me back in the swing of things.

Result: Got far too complicated, took far too long, went wrong in many ways, looks awful, has been THROWN AWAY.

Avert your eyes from the mess

Avert your eyes from the mess

Pattern: Cosy Piece Neckwarmer from Ottobre Autumn 4/2014. It’s two pieces of fabric (one fleece one knit) sewn together and finished with some ribbing. How hard can it be?

Ridiculous Complications: I decided to use fleece (left over from the magnificent Pikachu) on the inside rather than the outside, so far so good, and some more scraps of the multicoloured wierd knit stuff (that I used as the arms on his Christmas t shirt) on the outside. Except my piece wasn’t big enough, so I had to cut 2 halves (instead of cutting on the fold, I did remember to add seam allowance, my brain was obviously semi funcitonal) and sew them together. But now I had a really obvious seam running down the front with different colours either side. So I decided to cut out his initial from fleece and sew it down. Fleece doesn’t fray so it should’ve been easy, right? Fairly predictably this went badly, so I had to unpick it and resew it, second time it only looked scruffy. At this point I’d been faffing about for an hour and was finally ready to start the quick easy make.



To make matters worse: The ribbing was too narrow, probably I cut it too narrow. There was no pattern piece, you just had to cut it 3.5m wide and 70% of the circumference. I had to measure the circumference, which I felt was a bit much, as there are only 2 sizes to this pattern surely they could have bothered to tell you the measurement. Anyway, that bit worked ok, but once I’d sewn the binding down I didn’t really have enough to fold it over, turn the raw edge under and sew it down. I tried to get it to work, stretched hard, put in loads of pins and crossed my fingers. I ended up with the binding escaping the stitching in loads of places on the back. At this point, I should have unpicked it and cut new ribbing but the boy wandered by and told me it looked like a bib and he was too old for bibs (he had a point).

The nail in the coffin: The snaps, which had been in my stash for, I dunno, 20 years (I think they’re about as old as my long lost dress). I tried them on some scrap fleece, they worked fine, but on the real thing, they weren’t playing ball. Some didn’t line up properly and ended up with little spikey bits poking through the fabric. On the other side, they wouldn’t attach at all, whatever I tried. At this point I knew it was irrideemable. Plus it’s too small to cut it down into something else. It was at this point the boy decided he wanted it finished as he’d like to wear it. I waited a couple of days until he’d forgotten about it and hid it in the bottom of the bin.

This project annoys me disproportiontely. It was basically made from scraps from other projects and didn’t cost me anything. Yes, it took longer than it should, but not that long, it was over in an afternoon. Any top tips for moving on from duff projects? Or are you still haunted by past mistakes?

2 thoughts on “Banana bib bungle

  1. I am scarmed by some of my dreadful makes. I usually make a foolproof skirt to convince myself I can still sew x

  2. I think we all have these, and the trick is to sew something you’ve done before and which you like. Sewing mojo always returns :)!

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