I knit a hat again

Saturday night chin wag over a glass of wine at my friends house, supposedly post kids bedtime but we were entertained by her restless toddler for the first hour and another friends non sleeping baby for a lot longer.

Da big fat chunky hat (knitted top down, in the round, using 2 strands of aran yarn on 8mm dpn's)

Da big fat chunky hat (knitted top down, in the round, using 2 strands of aran yarn on 8mm dpn’s)

Inspired by Jen from Grainline’s post about a Sunday Sweater Knit Along I took some yarn from a project I never seem to start to knit up a tension swatch for. But there was still my circular needles in my knitting bag from when I went away and two balls of Blue Face Leicester Aran wool in green. So I knit a hat instead, with basket stitch sides (I took a vote on the sides, only one person voted as the other 2 don’t knit, so basket weave it was then).

up close and personal

up close and personal

It’s very similar to the last hat I knit, but plainer. Now to find a home for it. With someone who wont accidentally felt the wool. Although, despite it not being my usual colour, I quite like how it looked when I modelled it for the photo’s. It did ride up though as it’s a bit small for my humungeous head.

I did do a spot of tension knitting today. As I suspected, I need to buy new needles (the pattern asks for 5mm, I only have 5 1/2mm and they’re too big, I’ll probably need to buy more for the rib too, oh well). I also re read the post, and it’s not, as I thought, a KAL where you knit of Sunday afternoons, but rather you knit the kind of jumper that would get worn on a Sunday afternoon. So maybe a school friendly cardy for a boy is not really a good fit for the KAL, but it doesn’t really matter.

Selfie Schmelfie

Selfie Schmelfie – purely for your amusement

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