Non-Sewing Sewing Related Things I’ve done this week.

I decided I needed some new Tailor’s chalk. I have a box of stubby rubbish bits of Tailor’s chalk, some bits of which may well be older than me and none of which work well. I had a sudden realisation that if I bought some new stuff it might have sharp edges and actually work. The thrifter in me wanted to use up all the old stuff first but I pointed out to her that it’s pretty unusable and we could give the old stuff to the kids to use as plain old fashioned chalk. I was near a bead shop with a haberdashery department, but their suppliers had just failed to deliver any tailors chalk as they were out of stock, so I left with some pencils instead. I’ll let you know how that goes.

(At this point you have to imagine the chalk and the pencils as after a dozen times trying I can’t get the photo to upload).

Also, I saw an advert for a trouser making class! Previously the only locally available classes I’ve come across have been of the learn to use your sewing machine/make a bag/sew a simple skirt variety, except for one last year that was for making a coat, but you had to make their coat pattern and it was not my style. So, I have signed up for 5 weeks of zippered fly trouser making madness (well, five 2hr classes). I’m hoping this will mean I can finally make up the trouser pattern I bought on New Year’s Eve 2013 which has some slightly garish fabric from IKEA set aside for it, then I can conquer my fear of fitting trousers (I think I did ok on the zipper flies on my moss skirts and I can certainly do seams and waistbands, so this must be what’s holding me back) and TAKE OVER THE WORLD. OK, so, maybe not take over the world, but seeing the trouble and stress I go to in order to buy expensive, badly fitting trousers that don’t last well, this would be a really useful skill for me to have. I am also going to shamelessly steal Jenny from Cashmerette’s most excellent idea to photograph myself in shop bought trousers I own so I’m not comparing my efforts with some unrealistic Plato Ideal of Trousers.

Finally I’ve taken the 2015 Stashbusting pledge. I’ve been in the facebook group for a while, but didn’t get around to doing the pledge as I joined part way through the year. I pledged to make at least 12 items from stashed fabric (1 a month, can’t be too hard, right?) including some trousers and also to keep track of what I’m buying and how much it costs, which will hopefully lead to some more careful considering before splurging in future. I’d like to count only fabric bought before 2015 as stash for my pledge, hopefully all fabric bought this year will be for specific projects and made this year, but I haven’t actually stated that so there’s some wiggle room for me if I need it later.

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