Funky Tablet Cover

don't let my mum know I've kept pieces this small, she wouldn't approve

don’t let my mum know I’ve kept pieces this small, she wouldn’t approve

1 pile of scraps + naked tablet + tablet cover inspiration + Quilt as You Go tutorial = RESULT

Wheee, funky tablet sleeping bag

Wheee, funky tablet sleeping bag

Want to see the back?

The owls are a pocket for keeping the kids screentime vouchers in

The owls are a pocket for keeping the kids screentime vouchers in

I don’t have any quilting batting and I don’t really want to start acquiring new stash and hobies, so I just used 2 layers of fleece left over from Pikachu (they were sewn together around the edge first). It was a bit of an experiment and I think it worked out just fine. There’s no Utility Fabric behind the fleece as in the tutorial, as this project doesn’t need strength, it’s rather to protect the screen.

Part way through, quilting done

Part way through, quilting done

I hadn’t done any quilting before and this was fun and relatively quick (but then I wasn’t worrying too much about perfect lines) and before long I was experimenting with wavy lines and diagonal lines (the latter worked better than the former, but I didn’t want to mess up the skulls or the camper vans). I’m not sure I’d want to make a larger project but I think I’d do something like this again.

The top is bound with a scrap of some satin bias binding. I sewed the bag seams right side togehter, the usual way and then turned it, which didn’t work so well as the fabric was so thick. I’m thinking I shouldn’t done something different – but what? Or is it just because I used 2 layers of fleece as my batting? I used one of my fancy skull and crossbone buttons that I got for Christmas as a fastening. I wasn’t sure how it’d work with a button hole, so I used a loop of elastic instead, which is a bit fiddly as it gets stuck round the cross bones – maybe a buttonhole would’ve been better?.

Peek inside

Peek inside at the yellow fleecey goodness

I’m particularly taken with the pink and grey side. And the kids are going to love picking out the fabric they recognise from things I used them. I see great small gift potential with this. Thank you Internet Sewing Community – I couldn’t have done it without you. Do you bin your scraps or keep them? And what’s your favourite thing to do with them?

12 thoughts on “Funky Tablet Cover

  1. Yup, I keep all the scraps because I always think I’ll make something like this. I am planning on doing a quilt next time I go glamping!

  2. Me too. I love that you can retrace past makes in a quilt too, it’s such a good idea….I like the elastic loop too and resourceful use of fleece!

  3. Don’t Get me started on scraps. I am one of nature’s hoarders who wants less cluttered life and as a result am in constant conflict. Every so often I purge my scraps throwing out the smaller ones. Of course, now I’ve seen this I wonder if I should have kept them 😉

  4. I have scraps and such to make these, but . . . I can’t decide if I want a zipper or velcro. How sad am I?

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