Jog on

What do you do when a new pattern goes well? Why make it again of course (it’s always quicker the second time).

So, on the back of the recent starry sweatpants make, I present you, some more jogging bottom type things…

Thumbs up

Thumbs up

Finished last night, this mornings verdict was that they were a bit loose in the waist, but they held up fine at running club, phew.


Piecemeal – spot the extra seam

I’m not sure what I bought this fairly thick knit fabric for, I think I had something in mind for me. Then I used some for a long sleeved top for the boy. I had a vague plan to use the rest as the body of a long sleeved raglan for me, with the sleeves being made from left over blue star fabric – but when I had a look at the fabrics together recently the colours didn’t really work and I wasn’t sure I wanted a starry sleeved top. I’ve pretty much used it all up now (I think I bought a metre), but I had to piece one of the legs together. I decided not to bother doing the other to match, if anyone notices I’ll tell them it’s a design feature.

The orange ribbing I bought thinking it would go with the star leggings but in the end I chose the red (I was buying online so it was hard to tell and I can’t get ribbing locally so I got a couple of options). It just makes it a bit more interesting for the boy who loves colour. The cuffs have navy on the bottom – more practical I felt.

elastic insertion

elastic insertion – can you see the navy blue stitching?

Construction wise it was pretty simple, I did the same as before I think, I got away without checking the instructions. The waistband elastic I sewed together and into the waistband rather than threading it through. I matched up the quarter points of the elastic and the waisteband and sewed it in place just below the half way fold. Then I folded the waistband in half and sewed it in place with what I hope works as some kind of sewing machine coverstitch type stitch, it seems to be holding anyway. Then it’s attached to the trousers like giant bias binding. The idea was that the verticle stitch lines are on the inside and don’t show, but someone put it on backwards so they do, ho hum.

waistband, outside on right, with stitching holding elastic in place, inside of back showing on left, you can see the line stopping the elastic twisting.

waistband, outside on right, with stitching holding elastic in place, inside of back showing on left, you can see the line stopping the elastic twisting.

I did point out to the boy that if he wears it with the long partially matching top it will probably end up looking like pajama’s. He then asked me to stitch “not pajama’s” on them, so that he could wear them together and point this out to people if they commented. Cruel mum refused. (Not least as my machine does not have a letter embroidery function!)

Nifty What No Seam In Seam Pocket Feature

Nifty What No Seam In Seam Pocket Feature

I’m now musing if I can use the left over star jersey for another pair (maybe with plain red ribbing?) they’re such a satisfying make, but how many pairs does a boy need? (And could I cope with him wearing them with the matching t shirt?).

Post run stretching pose

Post run stretching pose

6 thoughts on “Jog on

  1. Haha! Love the boy’s comment on stitching “Not Pajamas” Kids are so clever!

  2. I actually LOVE that extra seam! It looks like it was meant as a design feature, and it gives a uniqueness to an otherwise basic garment.
    Also, I would have used iron on letters to attach “Not Pajamas” to the butt of the pants – which is why my son stands over me whenever I make him anything. He has learned the hard way. 😉

    • ha ha. The thing is Angela, my son would love that and wear them and I would cringe everytime he went out in public!

      It’s nice when a design workaround ends up improving the garment, I’m glad you like it.

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  4. Hi, I was found your blog looking for Ottobre creations. The idea of “Not Pajamas” on the shirt made me laugh. I kind of want to make an outfit for myself that looks like pajamas just so I can write not pajamas on the front.

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