They’ll do I suppose Leggings

Getting my moneys worth out of Ottobre 4/2014 I spied a leggings pattern to make up. Now, I have had some disasters with leggings. Seriously. I keep meaning to write it up, I just have one more tweak to do first so that I can include a successful pair in the post. But somehow, I never quite get there. Anyway, these are not a disaster….



… but I don’t like them 😦

The pattern has a cuff in self fabric cut on the cross grain, so that you can make it up in stripes and have a little fun. It also has a ruched gatherey bit just above the cuff on the outside, which makes them puff out a bit.


I didn’t have any striped fabric, but I did have some colourful chevron fabric that I may have bought especially. Except the girl decided it was Boy Fabric and vetoed it. Then she vetoed most of all my jersey stash.


you can see the ruching above the cuff

In the end she chose some burgandy knit I bought to make her leggings for school with and some of the spotty fabric from Kitchsy Koo that I’d used already on a t shirt for her. I’m a bit meh about the fabric choices. The burgandy isn’t really stretchy enough for leggings, I mean, it works, but…. Which is a shame, as I bought it for this purpose. Oh the perils of buying online. And I’m not sure about the white dots on the cuff, not very practical. And the thicker fabric seems to hang a little stiff, or maybe that’s because I cut it on grain to squeeze more out? She likes that they’re not tight and you can wear them over socks. But mainly, I don’t like these two fabric choices together, they don’t do it for me.


No idea where this pose came from

Still, they made up ok (except I accidentally put the ribbon tie at the front not the back) and she wears them. I debated making the chevron pair up to see if the reality persuaded her, but I took the easy route! I used clear elastic for the first time and that worked well, so the instructions, whilst not overly much dense text with no diagrams, actually made enough sense for me. The fit isn’t great at the top, but its wearable and will be hidden by skirts. I wonder if it would be better in a stretchier fabric. Similarly, I think a seperate waistband would look nicer, but it works fine like it is.

So, still no go to leggings pattern for me. And maybe one day I’ll get around to showing you my disasters.

4 thoughts on “They’ll do I suppose Leggings

  1. Aw, she looks cute in them and at least she’s wearing them. I think kids see things differently and colour combinations don’t matter to kids. When I look back at my childhood pictures I can’t believe my mum let me out of the house!
    Have you tried the espresso leggings pattern from cake patterns? I’ve made 5 pairs for me, some for my mum and a pair for one of my nieces who’s 12. Perfect fit every time! Amazing!

    • Oh yes, I have tried espresso, thanks for checking I knew. They are my best attempts but even managed to mess them up!

      These ones aren’t so bad, but it kind of takes the fun out of it when you don’t like the recipients fabric choices And I’m not sure about the ruching bit.

  2. Adorable! This is one of the few Ottobre’s I don’t have. Now I feel I MUST get it so I can make some of your adorable makes. Well done!

    • Thank you. I am stalking other Ottobre mags online at the moment, have my eye on the latest womens issue after seeing a couple of tunics someone made from one of the patterns, as well as another kids one. So many ideas, so little time!

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