Immodest pants

This morning was pretty busy, taking hubby’s bike to be assessed (it’s a write off, so now he can add browsing bikes online to his list of activities to keep him occupied while his broken rib mends), a frantic attempt at house cleaning (long overdue and with minimal impact) and my mum came for lunch. After all that I nearly went and had a nap for an hour before getting the kids. But instead, I had a sudden desire to start a project that occurred to me a while ago. Not only did I start it, I finished it as well, it has made me smile so, I hope it amuses you…

Much loved souvenir t shirt

Much loved souvenir t shirt

Take one well loved souvenir t shirt we bought a decade ago at the Viking Ship Museum when we were on holiday in Norway. It was a shared item (we took it in turns to wear it rather than wearing it simultaneously) and I have fond memories of wearing it when pregnant. But these days its past its best, having acquired several little holes and the neck ribbing is worn ragged.

And the back

And the back

The material itself is actually in ok condition. It looks worn, but actually it has been printed to look like stone, with the (presumably) authentic viking images left black, so they look like rock art. And those images, I can only guess that some of them are to do with fertility rights, or possibly ancient bragging.

Anywyay, I couldn’t bear to throw it away. So instead, I decide to have another go at the comox trunks patter and make a pair of pants for hubby as some of his current ones are at the end of their life.

Boat back view

Boat back view

Of course, the most fun was had cutting out and pattern placing. Much easier now I understand how the pieces fit together. Hubby requested a boat on the back and I managed that.

The pattern came together quite easily, I’m not sure why I got so confused with the openings last time as this time round the instructions seemed quite clear. Oh the benefit of having a vague idea what you’re doing!

The only things I changed was to add half an inch of height at the back (as the last pair seemed to dip down at the back) and to use the waistband unpicked from one of the pairs of pants on the way out – I’ve had terrible trouble finding proper waistband elastic, I bought some online from My Fabric but it only comes with stars on and I didn’t think that would go well with the viking grafitti.

A proliferation of penii (5?)

A proliferation of penii (5?)

And the front? Well, I think that came out quite well. It makes me chuckle anyway. I did a double fold hem at the bottom and zig zagged it as suggested. I’m not sure if I had the stitch length wrong but it created a frill effect I didn’t like. Luckily it was long enough to turn under and stitch down.

Wibbly hem fixed

Wibbly hem fixed

My mum popped back later to collect something and saw me cutting these out. She reckoned the t shirt was only fit for rags. On the one hand, I’ve spent quite a long time (unpicking twin-needle stitching over overlocking isn’t quick) making what looks like some no longer new pants. On the other hand, these must surely be unique and I had a blast. I reckon it was worth it.

What’s your most bonkers make?

6 thoughts on “Immodest pants

  1. What a great use for the teeshirt, I think your placement of the images was spot on!

    I guess the sharing garment is at its end though!

  2. Everything I want to write about the print seems to come out a bit dodgy!! So instead I am going to say…this is what a lot of sewing is, for me at least. Fiddling around, trying things out, seeing what works, having some fun. You have preserved a lovely memory for a bit longer, too. I have learnt a lot doing it this way rather than trying to make ‘perfect outfits’. Although making the odd perfect outfit might be nice 😉 The patchwork panel skirt was the worst. I still haven’t made it into something else.

    • The print is certainly hard to discuss in polite society. Luckily it wont be seen in polite society any more! Definitely, I agree, my main reason for sewing things is that I find it fun, the (hopefully one day) better fit, any cost savings (not always) and potential sustainability/lack of exploitation benefits are just a bonus.

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