Oh no , not again.

Guess what? I made pants. Again. Ok, so I’ve also made pants American English style this week, well nearly, but I’ve been to busy wearing them to finish them and now they need a wash, so blog post soon. In the mean time, British English pants, yet again.

Not liking the stripe

Not liking the stripe

Spot the difference? Not an opening in sight. Because this time I followed Nicole’s tutorial and made them for me.

The back looks ok though

The back looks ok though

In theory this is so much simpler. Especially if you’ve already made them 3 times. But then again, if you will persist in wasting lots of time trying on fitting them onto some scrap fabric that simply isn’t quite big enough, then cutting the front piece too short so that you have to make that in a contrast too, then sewing the back piece on upside down, then unpicking one of the front seams by mistake instead of a back seam, then you too will not have an easy ride. As a bonus I discovered the back just fit on the last bit of the t shirt I bought for especially to make t shirt sleeves – there was just a sleeve left and when I cut it along the seamline the back fit perfectly.

I reckon if I hadn’t messed up so much they would’ve taken half an hour to construct.

Oh so technical pattern alteration

Oh so technical pattern alteration

At Nicoles suggestion, I cut an ammended piece 3 on the fold (losing one part of it so it’s pretty much rectangular, she has really clear photo’s and description if you’re interested). I only cut one though as I couldn’t see the point in 2 of them – normal womens pants don’t have double layer front, I’m pretty sure it’s just for modesty in the mens version. I also amended the back piece so it was 2 inches taller at the centre point tapering to 1/2 inch at the edge. I also extended the edge of the side piece 1/2 inch to match, tapering to nothing. Oh the joy of being sort of the same size as your other half and being able to use the things you make him as a muslin before you give them to him (shh, don’t tell).

Apart from the mistakes the construction was simple. The slippery viscose and the old t shirt played very well together despite my fears that they would fight. Gold stars all round.

Nicole said she finds the front roomy, but I was ok with it. But I think if I did make them again I’d extend the legs of the shorts a bit at the back (assuming I can figure out how) as they don’t quite cover everything in the way I’d like. However, they were comfy to wear (I forgot I was wearing them, always a good sign with underwear I think).

I’m not sure I will make them again though. They’re comfy to wear but not any better than my other homemade ones and more pfaff to make. I also suspect they take more fabric. However, they use a different type of elastic so they give me more options.

OK, that should be the last post about underwear in quite some time. Trousers next. Assuming they don’t fall apart in the wash, I actually get around to finishing them and manage to get some half decent photo’s. Fingers crossed cos I’m really pleased with them.

2 thoughts on “Oh no , not again.

  1. Great to hear you persevered when things didn’t go well and always good to give a new method a go even if you go back to your old ways.

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