Easter Bonnets

Warning the free Oliver and S sunhat pattern is seriously addictive. A quick fun make, albeit with a rather fiddly step of getting the top to attach to the sides. Doesn’t take much fabric.


Five reversible sunhats, count ’em

I’ve documented my addiction with this pattern before. This particular batch got started last year. I had quite a bit of lawn fabric leftover after making my mum a Tova so I made some baby tops for small people I knew. There was still fabric left over, so I cut a matching sunhat out for the smallest baby and squeezed one out for her mun too (just, one side needed piecing). Problem is, she has 3 sisters, so before I knew it I was planning 5 reversible sunhats, plus 2 more for my two. Strangely enough I didn’t get very far.


bravely modelling in the park on a decidedly less than sunny day

They ended up in my pile of “current” projects for a while, until I rediscovered them whilst looking out pocket fabric for my 2nd pair of junipers. Somemhow, compared to trouser making they seemed fairly straightforward and I got 3 1/2 done. Another push yesterday saw them finished in time to hand over at a playdate in the park. Now we just need some sunny weather for them to wear them in. Well, maybe not for a few days until I’ve got around to making my two theirs…


the baby hat her hat on for approximately 0.3 seconds before pulling it off. Again.

Construction details: err, as before really. Seam allowance of 1/2″ is included in the pattern pieces. Attaching the crown to the sides is tricky – use many, many pins. Although I seem to be able to do it without cutting notches in the sides these days, not sure how. Having the crown underneath and the side on top when you go to the machine works for me. I forgot to use interfacing on the brim and they seem ok. I use this construction method and topstitch the brim in a spiral, cos I’m lazy.

Oh yeah, and the hat cut in size 3-6 months to match the blouse is still on my pile, I had to start again with that one as it clearly wasn’t going to fit any more, as that young woman has grown a lot in the last year!

9 thoughts on “Easter Bonnets

  1. This is a great pattern but I always find they take longer to sew than I think they should. Must be all that seam allowance trimming. So I know how much time it took you to outfit an entire family … good job!

  2. What fab gifts these would make! Do the sizes run true with the ages, and would the big one fit me!!!😀✂️😀

    • I think the size guides are pretty good, the kids are all wearing their correct size in this photo. To get an adult size, I printed it out a bit too big (110% maybe, can’t remember it was 2 years ago), and then overlayed the “too big” crown piece with the properly printed crown piece to estimate the sizes. I think the largest size it officially comes in is 4-6 years and you’d have to have a pretty small head to fit that.

  3. Great job.
    I love this hat but my children have enormous heads 😦

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