First Swallow of Summer

I’m not sure if finding a bargain second hand item that you know you can transform is luck or judgement, what do you think? Either way I don’t usually have the knack.



However, this time, I could see the potential in this adult top which was £1 and we both liked the fabric. We even saw sandmartins (which we thought were early swallows) the day I finished it – which made the fabric even more special for us.

jump for joy

jump for joy

I found some co-ordinating quilting cotton bought for a project that’s fallen off my list and I was away.

back view

back view

I just made it up as I went along, cutting the top across just below the button placket and reusing the original side seams and hem. I gathered it slightly into a blue band I made with A line sides. A navy waistband as well seemed like it would be a bit too much navy, so I added a strip of flat piping in the seam from the bird fabric to break it up. It’s slightly wobbly, but I think I like it.



That just left pockets, an essential for a girl to keep her stones/tissues/hairclips/treasures in. They needed to overlap the colour change to be at the right height, so I couldn’t work out if I should make them navy or birdy, I felt either would look wrong. Eventually I hit on this combination, with a little help from this tutorial and I really like the result.

And as an added bonus, I found out half way through it fits with the April Put a Bird on It challenge over at the Monthly Stitch.

Anyone else putting a bird on it this month?

3 thoughts on “First Swallow of Summer

  1. Soooooooo cute! Love the pockets!

  2. Juliann, thanks for your nice comment about the pockets. I’m not sure what I pressed but I leaned on the keyboard by accident and I seem to have deleted and can’t get it back!

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