Some you win, some you lose

Do you ever find that getting things done helps get more things done? After the success of Fridays new t shirt I felt bouyed up and ready to tackle the Full Bust Adjustment on the Maria Denmark drape top pattern.

And it wasn’t as bad as I feared, as the pattern is just a normal t shirt pattern from the armholes down, so I measured and worked out and did a FBA and then took out the dart and I was feeling pretty pleased. I even got the pattern pieces cut before bed and was looking forward to sewing them up the next day and having a new top to wear and then cutting another one and sewing that up too.

So, next days sewing started out well. I have some clear elastic now so I was able to follow Maria’s instructions this time and very good they were too. Before long I had a top with a cowl next thingy and sleeves and side seams all ready to try on….

What a difference a day  makes (photo courtesy of The Boy who made a dress)

What a difference a day makes (photo courtesy of The Boy who made a dress)

And it was too tight again! With the drag lines between my “bust apexes” (or should that be apeces?).

Not quite sure what went wrong. I definitely added 3cm to the pattern piece, which is 6cm to the top front as it’s cut on the fold. I compared the pattern piece to the last one and it’s not much different.

Needless to say, it’s going off to the same friend as the last one. Once I’ve stopped sulking at it and hemmed it and finished the neckline. Which may take a few days.

I have a couple of other things to do for her too. A ridiculously long maxi dress she gave me to alter at the end of last summer than needs taking up. And the Tova top I made that has been sitting on my pile for about a year waiting for me to “do something with it” to make it wearable. My mum thought it needed taking up as it was too tight in my hips. I thought it was too baggy in the small of my back and too tight in my bust. But after a year I’ve decided that really, I can’t be bothered, so it’s going to my friend too. Once I’ve finished the side seams.

I know I’m not the only one. I loved seeing Sew South London beaming in her new dress that Thimberlina had made. And if Thimberlina is anything like me she’ll be pleased as punch that someone is appreciating her hard work and it was completely a wasted effort.

While I was at it I also gave the huge amount of left over fabric from my Tova to a friend who’s daughter is going through a monochrome phase. I had thought about making a different kind of top for me with it, but I hadn’t got around to that either.

Anyway, back to the drape top. What do I do now? Give up on it all together? Or try one last time. I wondered if the drape top is supposed to be clingier than the Birgitte, so maybe I could trace the bottom of the armhole down of the Birgitte and then try and match that up to one of the larger pattern sizes of the Day to Night Top. I think that might work. But if it goes wrong then it’s going to be a bit embarassing to give my friend 3 iterations of the same failed top.

What would you do next?

13 thoughts on “Some you win, some you lose

  1. I’d give it a go in a patterned fabric – I think whatever you made in the plain fabric would show some sort of lines, whether it be drag lines or lines where your bra is, though I bet I would make a great drapey sort of cardigan.
    PS Hope we see pics of your pal in your top like we did of SewSouthLondon in mine!
    PPS I think we should start a page for people to donate what’s not quite right, as there’ll be someone out there who’d like it!

    • well, it’s a patterned fabric I had in mind so… Not sure about pics, she doesn’t blog, but definitely think people should pass on their hard work if it doesn’t turn out right, better worn than sitting in a corner!

  2. I think it’s really nice! Maybe I wear clothes that are too small for me, but I like tight fitting clothes and I think this is really lovely. You could always just move the front pattern piece a centimetre from the edge when you are cutting out! (lazy option)

    • Thank you Rosie. I think I might wear it if I’d bought it, but as I made it I just know that everytime I put it on all I would be able to think about is the drag lines pointing my nipples out to the world!

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  5. Do you think it would have fit if you had left the dart on? I always keep my darts on knit tops and the fit pretty well.YYou might want to give it a try! 😉

    • Do you sew the dart up? I’m curious. I have used this adjustment on other knitted tops fine. My next plan is to graft the top drapey part of the pattern onto one that I know fits my bust. Fingers crossed this one works (because the amount of stuff I’m giving my friend is frankly getting a little embarrassing).

      • Yep! I do sew up darts on knits just as I do for wovens. If you have a serger, you could also try serging them closed. I’ve tried and that also works well.

        In any case, this tightness is quite likely an issue of the pattern itself. Have you seen other versions? I just did a quick google search and they all seem to have the same issue. You are safe! 😉

        It wasn’t you, it was the pattern! :))

        Grafting is a very good idea!!

      • An alteration that comes to my mind is adding a wedge to the center front starting at the bottom and opening it at the neck by say 1″ for a 2″ total neck extension. It may just give the neck a bit more volume. 🙂

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