I’m still sulking with the stripey fabric I have to make Jalie 3132. As it’s stripey, I did my usual trick of tracing the pattern piece and then flipping it to trace the other side so I can make sure the stripes are horizontal (a much better option than cutting on the fold). But I couldn’t get them straight 😦 The general consensus of all the helpful people on the facebook stashbusting sewalong page is to cut full pattern pieces, rather than half ones designed to be cut on the fold. So, this is the plan, when I can be bothered to retrace 3 pattern pieces at twice the size they are now (the sleeves are cut on the fold two, which is a new one on me).

In the mean time I have made one and half pairs of modesty shorts for my daughter. She got 2 nighties for her birthday, pretty with a few flounces, just up her street, but they are indecently short. This isn’t normally a problem, but so I don’t have to hide them when we have visitors staying, I decided to make some shorts.

new shorts

new shorts

This was really quick, I used the Ottobre sweatpant pattern I already had traced out for her brother, folded it up to shorten it and left the pockets off. Job done.

she likes these ones

she likes these ones

I cut the waistband the same width as the pattern piece but half the height as it’s designed to be made with pull cords. There was an annoying small bit of ribbing leftover, so I traced around a biscuit cutter to make an applique butterfly. I even remembered to iron interfacing on the back (big help). I thought it would sort of match the fairies on the nightie but it turns out they’re ballerina’s, whoops. Never mind, she still likes them and I’m half way through the next pair.

Off to bed

Off to bed

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