And the third time’s the charm(?)

Can I tell you a secret? My main reason for buying the Birgitte T shirt pattern was because I wanted to make a drape top (which the Birgitte isn’t). A drape top with sleeves. But all the patterns I could find were for sleeveless ones and my drafting skills aren’t up to adding a sleeve. However, Maria Denmark’s Day to Night drape top said it would fit the Birgitte sleeves. So I bought both.

I have never regretted buying the Birgitte, I’ve made some great t shirts with it (like this one). However, I had fitting issues with my first 2 Day to Night tops and was about ready to give up on it, but I decided to have one last try and this time I’m finally happy with the result!

ta da

ta da

What do you think? (Big props to little sister who took all these photo’s by the way. She actually got all of me in all but one shot, so with a little bit of cropping they were usual).



The first time I blended between sizes, and it was too tight and had drag lines accross my bust. Last time I started again with an FBA (the black lines above) and still got drag lines. This time, I traced the Birgitte t shirt from armpit downwards (the pink lines) and then blended into the lines of the Day to Night (red lines) above the armpit.

close up of wrinkles (not sure how she knew this would be useful)

close up of drag lines (not sure how she knew this shot would be useful)

I initially tried it on wearing a mega strong sports bra and there were no drag lines at all, hooray. But when I changed into a normal bra they came back. However, I think they are less pronouned, or maybe they’re just hidden by the pattern on the fabric. Or maybe I’m just past caring.

The top is definitely also looser around my middle and longer than the Day to Night pattern.



Anyway, I now have another top to wear during Me Made May. Yay for me.

"he he, I put the cross on your bottom when I took the photo" my photographer (age 7)

“he he, I put the cross on your bottom when I took the photo” my photographer (age 7)

As a bonus, this is definitely Stashbusting, as per my pledge (i.e. bought before Christmas last year), so counts towards my total. Off the top of my head that’s now at nearly 4 out of 12, so a bit behind schedule, but getting there.

15 thoughts on “And the third time’s the charm(?)

  1. The top is great. I am very impressed at you having a third go. I would have tossed it in the corner in anger

  2. Looks great! I love the fabric and the contrast with your skin! πŸ™‚

  3. I love it, the neckline is great. Glad you managed to alter the pattern to fit, plus I love your fabric choice πŸ™‚

  4. Love the fabric! You’ve done a great job with the fit, and with the sleeves it’s more wearable than without. I wouldn’t worry about the drag lines, they disappear into the pattern πŸ˜€

    • Lurking your local fabric store can pay off, got this there last summer (much less choice of shops around here than West Yorkshire). Definitely more wearable with sleeves as I don’t wear sleeveless tops, ever πŸ˜‰

  5. This top looks great, it really suits you! I love the fabric too!

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