Pass the Parcel

So, do you like surprises? I decided to be surprised this week, I was ordering online from the Organic Textile Company and I spied that they did mystery bundles of remnants (under clearance) and decided to go for it. Well, my parcel arrived today (less than 48 hours after ordering, pretty speedy) and I’m pretty pleased, although I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of it.



First up some sweatshirt fabric, which wasn’t part of the bundle. I needed some fabric that isn’t “too dark” for an upcoming project and had decided on their grey marl fleece backed sweatshirt fabric (on the website under fleece). However, when I went to order it was sold out. I have a deadline for this project, so I dithered between getting some green instead or some latte. So I got both. And some black (well, I’ve had a black sweatshirt project in the back of my mind for a while and I find this stuff hard to come by). The fabric is 180cm wide, I expect some shrinkage but that’s pretty wide all the same. I got the carbonised black, which isn’t fleece backed. I am very happy with all the sweatshirt fabric. The “natural green” I would describe as sage, it’s a grey green. The latte I would describe as camel. It’s not a colour I would usually choose, but I wasn’t sure if the green would be light enough for my purposes and I didn’t think I had time to order swatches (considering how speedy they were I probably did). The fabric is lovely, my only complaint is that they only sell black ribbing (which I already have), matching colours would be nice!

Next up, the mystery fabric bundle…



I got three knits in there. The stripes and the seals are amazingly soft, they would make excellent baby clothes. Not quite sure what I’m going to do with them as we’re not really a pastels family (far too messy), but I’m wondering if I can squeeze some summer pajama’s out for the kids. There is less than 70cm of each, but they are 140cm wide according to the website (however I measured them at 1m60). There’s also about 60cm of the navy, which is only 135cm wide. I’m pretty sure this is their single jersey, which I also ordered samples of. The colours of the samples are excellent, really vivid, but (presumably as it’s 100% cotton with no lycra or other stretchy synthetic in the mix) this is not as stretchy as I’m used to (although the seals/stripes are and they are also listed as 100% cotton?) so I don’t think I’ll be ordering more.

prints and brights

prints and brights

I got two prints in there. Approx 70cm of (fairly loose weave I think) linen with a bird print, hmm, what to do with that. And 90cm of a wonderful tree print with mad red birds on cotton that I have absolutely no idea what to do with – I think it’s blouse weight. Also a 1m50 square of really bright green linen. Think I’m going to have to dye that to tone it down. Likewise the lilac corduroy, of which there’s enough to make “something” for the girl, or maybe a bag.



Mostly I got plain farbic, as per their bundle desciption. My favourites are the double shot red/black cotton (only 65cm, maybe I can squeeze a shirt out for the boy) and 1m15 square of goldey yellow bamboo cotton mix whihch has a lovely drape to it. I would never have picked this but I think I might actually make me a top from it, rather than a dress for the girl. The teal is a favourite colour of mine, the white is very soft, the beige is a thicker weight, could be childs shorts in a different family.

see through things

see through things

Finally I got various bits of see through stuff. A small amount of broderie anglaise – sleeves and trim for a girls dress? (except she has plenty of dresses). Something with a slightly textured wave design, that’s not as sheer as the others, I may try dying this blue. A pretty net curtain fabric, sorry, that’s all I can possibly think it could be used for. And a quite coarse/stiff natural coloured muslin, that surely could only be used for straining marmalade etc.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased. Obviously if I’d been braver and got the bundle of larger lengths I would have more options for making things, but then I might have large amounts of fabric I didn’t like (not to mention an even smaller bank balance). Now it just remains to see how much of it I manage to sew up.

Have you ever taken pot luck on fabrics? And do you have any genius suggestions of what I can make with my tiny bts if faric (9 out of 16 are less than a metre long).

16 thoughts on “Pass the Parcel

  1. It looks like you got some amazing fabrics. Can you combine them to make some tops with colour blocking or contrasting panels? I’m hopeless at this type of thing but there is lots of inspiration on the web. I shall await your progress!

  2. I’m always afraid of buying plain fabrics, but they are so useful!! I can’t wait to see what you make with them! πŸ™‚

  3. well, I have cut into some knits (staying in my comfort zone). Need to find a woven top pattern that doesn’t look like a tent on me…

  4. Love it! Russian roulette with fabrics πŸ™‚

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