chugging along

So, I have been plugging away, sewing some rectangles and using up some of my mystery fabric. I have 2 things to show you today, made with some natural beige coloured looking linen, fairly loose weave (I think) and covered with small printed white birds and the random coarse muslin stuff that I could only initially envisage using when making marmalade.

I actually l like this photo, a shame you can't really see the bag or the scarf in it!

I actually l like this photo of me for a change. It’s just a shame you can’t really see either thing I’m modelling in it!

I got a new camera recently and it has a setting that takes several random “arty” photo’s of it’s choosing at once. Not always that useful but quite fun. Luckily my photographer volunteered to turn model.



There wasn’t really enough linen to do much with, so I lopped a bit of one side (see below), then cut the remaining bit down the middle, retaining the width and halving the height, hemmed it to make a long piece, did the same with some muslin to match, sewed them togther, bagged them out, hand stitched up the hole and hey presto a lined scarf. Which I think I’m going to wash and see how it looks unironed with the muslin all wrinkled. (I can always iron it again).



The other bit I made a very simple bag with, which is lined with some white stuff from a remnants bin to add strength. It’s essentially a long rectangle, folded in half and seamed up the sides. The seams are french, I mitred the corners at the bottom to give it a little depth and attached the handles to the main bag before attaching it to the lining. It’s quite small but husband assures me it’s the perfect size for carrying 2 bottles of wine. My only nag is the small amount of green stuff I found in my box of ribbons that I used for the handles. No idea where it’s from but it’s running slightly and staining my lining. Oh well.

Both of these are intended as presents (as I don’t wear beige and I like my bags with more storage space).

More makes from the parcel coming soon, but I have an exciting course to go on tomorrow before they will be finished. Watch this space…

6 thoughts on “chugging along

  1. Awww!! Such nice creations! 🙂 although you don’t quite like the colors of tje.parcel you got, i believe that many of fabrics were quite nice and you have been creating beautiful things! 🙂

  2. You’ve been really busy! Hope whoever you have in mind likes your lovely gifts.

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