A day off using hairdryers

Today, despite the kids being on holiday, I had a day off while hubby looked after them. And what did i do? Why I went on a screenprinting workshop of course!

I found out about it a little while ago and immediately wanted to go. So many options for printing my own fabric! Then once I’d booked the pressure was on and I couldn’t think of what to do. A large statement design, a print to repeat and cover some fabric, a border print? And what of?

In the end, me, the person who despairs of the lack of non floral fabric available, chose to print dandelions. I did a larger design of a flower head that could also be repeated and a border print of various stages of a dandelion. Both my designs were within A5 size because I didn’t listen properly and thought I had an A4 worth of screen to fill, when actually it was A3 that was a good flexible size.

work in progress

work in progress

The workshop was fun and I got lots done. Much of it hastily prepared the night before. What I didn’t expect was to spend large parts of my day using a hairdryer! (Drying both screens and fabric.)

everyone's hard work

everyone’s hard work at the end of the day

The designs that I had submitted in advance were put onto a screen using light sensitive coating and a UV light (I’m a bit vague about this bit). Before we used this “exposed screen” we got to practice by making our own screens. Most of us started with an acetate of our submitted design that we could cut bits out of to make a screen that would compliment our more detailed exposed design. I made yellow splodges to go behind my final design.

my totes

my totes

Getting the designs to register (line up) was a bit hit and miss. Some worked better than others. But I kind of like the misaligned look, can we call it rustic artistic charm? I printed quite a few bits of fabric, which will hopefully get made up and shown soon. Also these 4 tote bags, which have one of each of the two designs on each size. (Spot the deliberate mistake, my small yellow splodge on the “border” design was accidently flipped upside down and printed in a mirror image so there was Absoutely No Way I could get it to match my detailed print). These totes are made with another bit of fabric from the mystery bundle, a kind of natural coloured cotton that is feels very strong, perfect for bags and isn’t lined, but I have slightly mitred the corners to give them a base. Like the birdy bag they are smaller than a normal carrier bag but big enough for a couple of bottles of wine. The fabric made exactly 4 so I used some ribbon I inherited for the handles.

experimenting on my complimentary tote

experimenting on my complimentary tote

At the end I also printed on my complimentary tote that came with the workshop. I used a mix of orange and black dye at the same time to get this effect.

So, now I have a huge pile of ironing to do to set all my hard work (the ink manufacturers recommend 10 mins hot iron!).

Right, have to go and cook now, being pestered by small children. Have a great evening everyone!

11 thoughts on “A day off using hairdryers

  1. What a fun day- I love how they are slightly misaligned:)

  2. I love your design and even your special design feature 😉. I would like to have a go at this one day but must work through my stash first.

  3. Great design. I love the misalignment!

  4. That sounds really fun! I like the misalignment, and would have thought it was a completely intentional design decision if you hadn’t said otherwise.

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