So, I finished the hat!


It suits her, but she doesn’t like warm clothing of any description so was co-erced into modelling, can you tell?

My calculations were a bit off, so it’s come out as a large childs hat (my kids have inherited my large head). It’ll go on one side for now until I work out who to gift a hand wash only kids hat to. Or maybe it’d fit a small headed adult. Hmm.


Love this shot, thanks to my photographer

I’m still in love with the yarn colours. The red feels quite different than the yellow or the green, which I had to knit double to make them work with the red. I was warned that I had picked three different types of yarn which would handle differently (I can only remember that one was Blue Faced Leicester, but I can’t remember which one). [edit: apparently the green is Blue Faced Leicester, the red is Masham and the yellow is White Faced Woodland] I knit it on 8mm dpns as they were what I could find. I tend to knit my hats in chunky yarn with a fairly tight tension that makes a firmish hat.

I have started a second hat with the leftovers but I’ve had to search for other yarn remnants to make enough for a hat. Which I think will probably also be child sized. I’m not too bothered, my hats all seem to find homes in the end!

I also need some more concentrated knitting time to finish the heel flap and turn the heel on my second sock. Hopefully before Wednesday as I’ve found out about a knitting group in a local pub, so I can then mindlessly knit rounds of sock foot whilst chatting.

But I’m also looking forward to doing some sewing. For a start (probably, unless I get distracted) I’m finally recutting my Jalie pattern pieces full sized (rather than how they came – half sized to be cut on the fold) so I can cut the dratted skittery stripey fabric I want to use. Which means I might finally be on theme for the Stashbusting Sewalong as May in knit fabric month.


Apologies to anyone looking forward to a Moomin related post, I’m just a bit random with my titles sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Hattifateners

  1. Large head lots of brains don’t worry about it have fun!

  2. Lucky you finding a knitting group – especially in a pub! Had to laugh about the dislike of warm clothing. When my eldest was in year five she refused to wear her coat to school all winter – must have been a mild one,!

    • I struggle to get her to wear anything warm, always have done.

      • I think they have their own temperature. My youngest was the opposite of the eldest, she could walk to school in the thickest gloves I could find and still have blue fingers. If you’re is well and happy then she’s probably fine. It just makes you feel like a dreadful mother, doesn’t it, when everyone else’s kids are wrapped up warm!

      • Yeah, my other one feels the cold, but this one hates being too warm, it plays her excema up. I do insist on coats in winter time (so it doesn’t exacerbate her asthma) but other than that, I figure she knows her body best.

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