Stitch and Bitch

So, yesterday I invited my friend round for a chat. And she asked if she could bring some hand sewing (err, yes, of course). She was feeling a little under pressure to get a Tudor (under?)shirt ready for her 3 year old. She has until Friday (when she’ll be here) and there are a few small things like work, children etc that are eating into her sewing time. So I sat unpicking the sideseams on my Style Arc Top (Me Made May confirmed it for me, love the fabric, hate the top, so I’m going to rework it) while she was handstitching and we were chatting away and her toddler was exploring all the toys lying around our house.

Handsewing!  She is hardcore.

Handsewing! She is hardcore.

But then she got frustrated with her work as it didn’t match the one she was copying and I had to help a friend out. Before I knew it I was using this technique (thanks for the heads up Dr Monserratt) to pin out and trace pattern pieces, which helped her work out where she’d gone wrong. Also I introduced her to entirely unauthentic water soluble pens. Then with pattern pieces there in front of me, I had a rummage in my scrap fabric pile and found some good enough cotton (it should be linen really) and started my own one. Surely an extra white top is no bad thing when being worn outdoors by a 3 year old?

Working out where it all went wrong

Working out where it all went wrong

I constructed in on my sewing machine (shock horror) so it’s not really authentic. I used french seams, as I figured she could stitch them down by hand and they’d look like flat felled seams (which is what the reproduction garment she was copying seemed to have, I don’t know what the “proper” technique should be). This got interesting as there is not just a front and back piece but side gussets as well that come to a point under the arm. I left the hems raw for her to stitch by hand.

her version (not finished)

her version (not finished)

So, all in all, a nice half a day spent doing unexpected sewing and helping out a friend. And as a bonus, one of the “toys” her son chose to play with was my hoover, and he spent a long time cleaning my sofa and living room floor. Bonus!

(Oh and she also took a couple of items out of my bags of wardrobe clear out, so I had slightly less to carry to the charity shop and she got some new-to-her clothes, double win).

and my attempt (also unfinished

and my attempt (also unfinished

And then today, another friend came round with his son and I finished off the t shirt I was making him (junior) from the remnants of my son’s pajama’s.

Well, I couldn't leave this gorgeous fabric lying around when it could be worn could I?

Well, I couldn’t leave this gorgeous fabric lying around when it could be made up and worn could I?

He wasn’t as co-operative with the photo’s though!

The closest we got to a photoshoot

The closest we got to a photoshoot

So, anyone else joining in my Improptu Scrap Busting For Other Peoples Toddlers Week?

3 thoughts on “Stitch and Bitch

  1. It’s always nice to do social sewing and if you get a bit of housework done by the visiting child, then that’s a bonus – visiting children to my house always cause me to do the vacuuming after they’ve left!

    • My vacuum cleaner has lots of different attachments and big red buttons for taking them on and off, right up small person street! (Plus his mum insisting on doing all the bits he’d missed after he’d finished as she can’t stand half done jobs 😉 )

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